This Blog Can Be Your Refuge, If You’d Like

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This is no news for WordPress users, but the majority of you who visit Elitosphere may not know this. WordPress has a handy feature which informs its bloggers of the daily statistics of their site. With one click, we’re able to see the number of visitors and visits to the site, which posts have been viewed most, and which links have been clicked. Another spectacular feature of this stats page is that it allows us to see the countries from which our visitors come. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of my traffic hails from the United States. However, what is really surprising is that I get daily traffic from literally all over the world – as far as countries like Uganda, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Allow me to explain why I’ve chosen to focus specifically on countries like those three.

I welcome absolutely everyone to this blog, and the range of my posts spans any and everything which may interest me. However, I personally believe that the vast majority of this blog is related to some LGBT issue or other. This would therefore indicate to me that a lot of my visitors are from the LGBT community… of course, this is just an assumption on my part, as the aforementioned handy dandy stats page doesn’t possess the skill to detail sexual orientation. This isn’t, by any means, meant to alienate my heterosexual visitors, as your presence here is just as appreciated. It’s just a remarkable thought – if my assumptions are correct – that I should receive visitors from countries which have some of the most barbaric and inhumane anti-gay laws in the world, and this thought gives me tremendous pleasure.

Now, I speak directly to those of you from countries where your laws make you feel unclean, ashamed, scared and somehow less of a person. Fuck those laws! There’s nothing wrong with you just because a bunch of ignorant assholes lie with everything in them that their god has informed them that you are unworthy to be who you are. Listen carefully to me: fuck. that! There’s no truth in that, and the only reason they say it is because it makes them feel better about their screw ups, their shortcomings, and their own gross moral failures.

I’m aware that there’s really no shortage of resources on the internet for LGBT individuals to feel a sense of community. Many of my favourite blogs are run by gay individuals and, when I was younger, some of those same blogs did a hell of a lot in helping me cope with the hate and homophobia around me. I don’t know if my blog has this same effect on anyone, but if it does, I want you to know that you should never hesitate to come here when you feel that you need to – even if it’s mostly to judge me and the rubbish I write. If Elitosphere helps you in any way feel better about a bad day, or a negative comment hurled at you, or antigay news in your country, this is worth more to me than you will ever know. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t anything at all that I can do in terms of the homophobia of your country, but what I can do is assure you that there are very many other people just like you who come here and read the same posts that you do, and I hope that this thought helps you feel that you are in some way part of a community who thinks like you and accepts you as you are.

So, however it is that you’re able to visit this site, in whatever capacity possible for your circumstances, go for it. Whether you’re able to openly visit this site in a public setting, or even if the only time you can do it is in the privacy of your home when everyone else is asleep, I want however many few minutes you spend here to be at least the one time in your day that you feel unashamed and happy to be who you are.

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