True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 “One Last Time”: My Unsolicited Review


This week’s True Blood was pretty much an hour-long semi-extension from last week’s episode with no new or real developments. It was really just an updated version of last week’s saga, sprinkled with a little garnish to hold us off until something actually happens. While, ordinarily, that might have come off as irritating and insulting, it sort of worked this time because, although nothing of substance happened – and I mean, nothing that didn’t already happen last week – this week’s episode was remarkably entertaining, due to an effective mixture of sexiness and awesome blasts from the past.

Bill is still dying of Hep V, and the virus is still spreading through him at a far more alarming rate than it usually does in other vampires. Just like we guessed last week, it was confirmed that this has to do with Sookie being part fae, when Doctor Ludwig – Eric and Pam’s hilarious regular physician – recounted a similar instance of another vampire whose Hep V had been contracted by his fae boyfriend. What’s interesting to note is that in that other instance, the vampire still didn’t progress as badly as Bill is progressing, despite the fact that that vampire’s boyfriend was a full-blooded faerie. This prompted Dr Ludwig to press Sookie for the name of her fae lineage, something that Sookie is completely ignorant of. However, when Sookie suggests that she could question her grandfather Niall about it, a suddenly frightened Ludwig – who before then had been continually insisting that nothing scared her – fled the house. This was a great appearance by Marcia de Rousse, who, like Ginger (Tara Buck) has been one of the most consistently amazing characters on the show, despite only being a recurring guest star.

Now that Niall had been brought up, Sookie decides to conjure him to the human plane to help Bill because since old faerie royalty apparently have the magic necessary to cure terminal illnesses, why not ignore HIV/AIDS or cancer and only call on him to cure one single instance of Hep V? That wasn’t silly or selfish at all! However, after some bizarre faerie-abled channelling of nature’s memory (the hell??), Niall informs Sookie that Bill was beyond his help. This, of course, came after some completely unhelpful speech about death and love being miracles. Seriously, his return to the faerie plane after Sookie asks him to leave in disappointment was perhaps the most impressive thing he did all episode. Side note: there were more flashbacks to Bill’s human life, and I kept wondering all throughout if CGI was used on his face, because damn! This is the youngest he’s looked since season one… even his voice sounded younger!

Pam and Eric have teamed up with Mr Gus to find Sarah. (You: Didn’t that happen last week? Me: Told you). This week, however, it was done in a slightly more official manner, with the promise of a 49% share in a multibillion dollar business venture. Now cured of her Hep V affliction, Sarah’s sister, Amber – who only last week was all for Sarah’s torturous demise – suddenly seemed to come down with a case of sisterly love, and refused to disclose Sarah’s location, despite being chained down with sister. In spite of her uncooperativeness, she let it slip that Sarah was the cure, right before Eric (ever the beacon of patience) staked her and had her meet the true death. With the knowledge that Sarah’s blood is the antidote for Hep V, leave it to the Japanese to instantly begin plotting the synthesis of the blood into a drink to be named New Blood. What you did there… I see it. And it’s hilarious!

Sarah, now alone and terrified of her impending death, has gone batshit crazy… even more so than she already was. Fleeing to the old Fellowship of the Sun’s training camp, she begins hallucinating and hearing voices the second her bad wig starts flapping in the breeze – seriously, am I the only one constantly distracted by that thing on her head? To my delight, one of her hallucinations happened to be Steve, her ex bearding arrangement husband, who – even as an insanity-inspired hallucination – brought the theatrics full force. An argument quickly ensued between him and a hallucination of Guru Sanbir, each of them trying to convince Sarah to die as a follower of their respective religions: Christianity and Hinduism. This was totally left field, and not at all necessary to the story, but it was all sorts of entertaining, and I loved it.

Hoyt came back! Before his departure a couple of seasons back, Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack) was one of my favourite characters, so his return last night was a little piece of nostalgic heaven. The circumstances for his return were less than pleasant, as he was back in Bon Temps for the body of his mother, Maxine, who was killed by Violet after Maxine had shot Jessica. Hoyt, who’d asked Jessica before leaving to glamour all memory of her and Jason out of his head, returned without a trace of recognition for Jason. However, while Hoyt may have changed, Jason certainly hasn’t, and where there is no change, history is certainly bound to repeat itself. Tagging along with Hoyt was his new girlfriend, Amber, a gorgeous blond microbiologist, who Jason got a boner for the second he saw. I’m hoping that the writers don’t have him screw this one. It was bad enough when all the shit went down with Jessica, but at least we felt that he and Jessica loved each other. This one would just be cheap, and gross.

Speaking of gross… Adilyn and Wade are continuing their crusade to dethrone Jamie and Cersei Lannister for the title of most warped incestuous relationship. Like I said last week, I know that they aren’t technically related, and we’re supposed to believe that they’re super in love, but we all know the kind of love that hormones produce. At their age, I was just as in love with some very unsavoury websites… doesn’t mean it should have been encouraged or celebrated. Anyway, they were able to express their “love” for each other (shudder) at Violet’s home, where she brought them. Can I just say that I now understand how this woman had been able to remain celibate with Jason for so long – I’ve never seen so many different kinds of sex toys in my life! I felt like I needed condoms for my eyes, looking at that house! For the majority of the episode, she kept up the charade of supporting young love, until she finally attacked at some point towards the end.

In keeping up with the theme of no new developments, Lafayette and Lettie Mae were shown briefly at the house that Tara’s ghost spirit dream vision led them, frantically digging in the yard.

I think that the breakout character of this week’s episode was Arlene! Though usually understated and underrated, a bit of focus was put on her this week and, boy, did she shine. We saw her dealing with her new confusing feelings of attraction for Keith, especially in terms of the effects that his blood is having on her. She also delivered an amazing little speech to Sam about forcing herself to fake being happy every day, in the hope that it one day becomes real, and helped him get a clearer view on what he should do in terms of Nicole and the baby, who’d left Bon Temps last week. Towards the end, we also found out that she is Hep V positive, which was a shock to me until I remembered that she’d been held hostage and fed on by the sick vampires, and her interactions with Keith are a sign that she’s letting go of some of her long-held prejudices against vampires.

There you have it. There was nothing really new this week, but it still made for an enjoyable episode. We’re getting closer and closer to the finale, so I expect the coming weeks to be big on the action, thrills and possible heartaches.










True-Blood-Bill-Sookie-Sex-1 True-Blood-Bill-Sookie-Sex-2

3 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 “One Last Time”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. This week was just another case of SSDD. Even Sookie went back to old habits. Why is she boning Bill again?!

    Did you notice how her scene of running to Bill was just like the last time they did it for the first time? White dress, running through the woods, passionate sex?


    1. I thought the same thing! I hadn’t considered it to be a metaphor (you know, first and last time). I just thought that she has the same weird girly run… but I think you’e on to something here


  2. On a tangent to that, one time when I was traveling in China, someone told me I walked like a man. Never thought I’d take that as a compliment, but now that I think about how dumb her “sudden running off into the cemetery move” is, I think I’m ok with it…


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