Strangers Free Man Trapped by Train

Judging from the number of views that this video has on YouTube, I’m guessing that everyone and their mama has seen it. However, just in case you happen to be tardy to the party, allow me to bring your attention to it.

At Stirling Station in Australia, one of the commuters slipped, and got his leg stuck between the train and the platform while he was attempting to board. Thankfully, staff noticed, and prevented the train from moving out. When they realised that the man couldn’t free himself, even with their help, they called on fellow commuters for assistance. Surveillance footage from the train station shows dozens of people immediately moving in to help and, together, they were all able to push the train far enough to free the man, who was reported to have been unharmed.

How awesome is this situation? I mean, not so much the fact that the poor guy got his leg stuck, because that must have sucked balls. But the fact that so many strangers were able to unite, even for just two minutes, to help someone who they’ve probably never seen in their life, and who they may never see again! I think that this is a great reminder for us all that, although we allow our varying political and religious ideologies to put giant rifts between us, at the end of the day, we’re all just people, and we all depend on each other in one way or another.

I think one of the factors which led to this video going viral is the fact that it’s so uncommon to see people banding together to such a degree… and that’s sad. However, it’s also enlightening to realise that, despite its rarity, it still exists. People are able to put aside everything that didn’t matter, and display the most wonderful aspects of our humanity.

Consider this: it is undoubted that this man held different views from many of those who helped him. He probably votes for different political parties than some of them, he worships in a different religion, he supports different sports teams, and he belongs to a different socio-economic class. However, none of that made any difference in the world at that point. In those few terrifying moments, he was just like everyone around him. And that, guys, is the fundamental truth. We are all the same. Under all the beliefs, ideologies and teachings, we are all the same! So, why do we allow these inconsequential matters to divide us so horribly?

Perhaps, in a week, we won’t even remember this video or its existential message. However, in this very moment, let’s just recognise the power that we all have when we work together in common purpose, with the end result of helping someone else… not tearing them down.

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