True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 “Almost Home”: My Unsolicited Review


After last week’s episode of practically nothingness, True Blood offered us this week a bit more progression, and a couple of conclusions.

Lafayette and Lettie Mae’s vampire blood-fuelled hunt for Tara came to an end this week. We got a glimpse of them digging into a family’s front yard, where Tara used to live with her parents as a child, and where her spirit took them in their last vision. Although he had given Lettie Mae an ultimatum the last time we saw him, Rev Daniels returned this week after being called by the bewildered family of the house, and once again called Lettie Mae out on her apparent vampire blood addiction. However, after a heartfelt plea by Lettie Mae, he joined her and Lafayette on their next trip to the Spirit World, by drinking some of James’ blood, himself. Tara then took all three of them on a vision to one of her earlier memories – a birthday party during which her father was still a part of their lives, and her mother was still just that… her mother. During past seasons, it had been hinted that Lettie Mae used to be a good mother before Tara’s father ran off, and this week’s episode gave us actual proof. It turns out that Tara’s father was incredibly abusive, and flew into an unwarranted rage when he came home early one day to find that Lettie Mae had thrown Tara a party. While her parents fought in the living room, young Tara retrieved a gun from their bedroom, and came close to pulling the trigger at her father, but changed her mind at the last second. A few moments later, her father got into his car and left them, with Lettie Mae begging him not to. When she brought them back to present day, Tara’s ghost lamented to her mother that she should have pulled the trigger then, because that was the day that everything changed. The two of them then engaged in an emotional exchange of apologies before Tara insisted that it was time for them to forgive themselves, and time for Lettie Mae to let Tara go. It was a beautiful exchange, it truly was, and a long time coming. However, the whole song and dance was so completely unnecessary! I have yet to fully understand why Tara didn’t just show her mother this final birthday vision from the get-go. This Eve-esque display on the cross, with a giant Britney Spears python circa VMAs 2001, speaking in tongues and running barefoot through the woods just made the entire thing build up into what ultimately turned out to be a very anticlimactic conclusion. After all, the gun that she’d led them to dig up in the yard had never even been used… so they were really digging for nothing more than a worthless ghetto family heirloom. That being said: why on earth hasn’t Adina Porter won an Emmy for her role as Lettie Mae? This woman has, throughout the show, been a consistent powerhouse, shining in whichever capacity that her character has been written, and she has arguably been given some of the most difficult story lines to portray. Here’s hoping that the Emmy’s rectifies this next year!

We also got a conclusion with the Violet/Adilyn storyline and it was also, in my opinion, pretty anticlimactic. It started off with Violet sending Jason a series of text messages with pictures of Adilyn and Jessica tied up as hostages. Of course, Jason rushes to them, with Brigitte, Hoyt’s girlfriend, joining him, after an argument with Hoyt. At Violet’s house, Jason is ambushed by Violet – and rightfully so, because what the hell kind of hack cop keeps his gaze fixed forward and doesn’t keep constantly looking around him? – and bound in the same room that Wade, Adilyn and Jessica are located. Violet then goes on to describe the various means of torture that she was planning on inflicting on each of them, and let me just say, this bitch might have been psycho, but she knew how to do torture! When she pulled that red-hot dildo out of the fire and threatened to burn Jessica’s forever-growing hymen with it, I swear I felt my down-there parts scurry upward into my body out of fear! She then goes on to inform Jason that the reason she chose to forego intellect in lieu of dating him (the shade!) was because she just wanted him to worship her for the perfect creature that she was (the modesty!). Before she could finish, though, a shot rang out, and a bullet went straight into her chest; I assume that it was silver, because within moments, she exploded into a pile of true death grossness. The hero, we then see, was Hoyt, who had followed Jason and Brigitte. Now, although I hadn’t held it against Violet when she’d killed Maxine Fortenberry (the woman had shot Jessica for crying out loud!), I still felt that having Hoyt be the one to make her meet the true death was a beautiful case of poetic justice. The whole scene was undoubtedly entertaining, but quite short of its true potential. After all, Violet’s beef was with Jason and Jessica. Can someone please explain to me where the whole manipulation of Adilyn came in, if her blood was never really used?

Speaking of psycho bitches, Sarah Newlin was back. Although this storyline did not offer a conclusion, there was definite progress on its front. When she was finally captured, Eric instantly went to her, apparently in an attempt to kill her. However, Pam – who is displaying more and more with every passing episode that she is obviously the brains in hers and Eric’s relationship – threatens to shoot herself in the heart if he kills Sarah. So, instead, he merely drinks a bit of her blood and, within seconds, he becomes fully cured of his sickness. I’ve gotta say, that’s some miracle antidote… the Japs really outdid themselves.

After a night of passionate lovemaking, Bill and Sookie finally got around to discussing the reason they’d ever met in the first place – the fact that Bill had been working under Queen Sophie-Anne’s orders. He reveals that Sophie-Anne had known of the faes’ intention of harvesting all fae halflings and sealing them on the Fae Realm, and so, had Sookie truly turned out to be fae, she would have been used by Sophie-Anne for breeding. Allow me to point out two things. First off, I’d hate to be that guy, but let’s remember that Alcide only died about three nights ago, and already Sookie is in Bill’s bed. Secondly, assuming that Bill is telling the truth – and, at this point, we have no reason to believe that he isn’t – his story doesn’t really add up at all with the show’s past. One of the primary reasons that Mab, the fae queen, had wanted to seal themselves off was because she feared that they were in danger, with Bill having been able to cross onto their plain. So, Sophie-Anne must have either been psychic, or one hell of a future planner, if she’d been able to predict that this would happen at least three years before it actually did! At this point, it appears that the writers have thrown any notion of continuity out the window and are just pulling the easiest plots out of their butts minds. Bill then went on to admit that the reason he didn’t give Sookie up to Sophie-Anne was because she reminded him of his humanity, was a light in his otherwise world of darkness, and he hoped that by being with her, he could forget some of the awful things that he’d done in his past. I’m sure it was a sweet and tender sentiment, but I was too busy rolling my eyes for any of it to really sink in.

Eric, freshly cured, pays a visit to Sookie at Bill’s house, and I’m not even going to try to figure out how he knew where she’d be. When he reveals to Sookie that there is a cure to Hep V, she informs him that Bill is dying, and I was incredibly impressed to realise that Eric seemed genuinely upset at the news. I don’t know what fae magic Sookie is able to cast in the sack to have turned both Bill and Eric from raging assholes to nice guys, but I’ve got a list compiled of guys that I’d like her to sleep with. Eric, who was sworn to secrecy by Mr Gus over the source of the cure, tells Sookie that he can’t tell her anything, but promises to return. Naturally, since nothing is able to penetrate Sookie’s damn blonde head, she instantly drives over to Fangtasia, where she would have been killed, had Eric not claimed that she was just obsessed fangbanger (half true), her brother was cop who would cause trouble if she went missing, and then pretended to glamour their encounter out of her. During that time, Sookie gleans from Mr Gus’ head that there’s something important in the basement, and when she later returns, she finds Sarah chained there, and learns everything.

Wasting no time, she goes back to get Bill and bring him to drink from Sarah’s blood. However, when she returns – finding Eric and Pam both already in the basement – Bill drops the surprising news (not surprising at all) that he doesn’t want the cure.

As obvious and predictable as this little scenario was, it does present an obstacle, and it will be really interesting to see how it is resolved. We can already expect quite a bit of drama with Hoyt, Jessica and Jason, as Hoyt’s feelings for Jessica are once again be awakened, though he has no memory of her. We’ve only got two episodes left, and I’m not sure how the writers are able to cram everything that we need in those final episodes, but let’s cross everything that any disappoint we may suffer is kept to a bare minimum!





4 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 “Almost Home”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. “Can someone please explain to me where the whole manipulation of Adilyn came in, if her blood was never really used?”
    – Well, wasn’t the whole point of Adilyin being there because Jessica had her blood, and Jessica sensed her fear… so she ran there? Hence Crazy B!tch used Adilyn as a lure? I don’t know there was any need for Adilyin’s blood, so much as her blood bond…

    “I’ve gotta say, that’s some miracle antidote… the Japs really outdid themselves.”
    – Wait … did the Japanese create the antidote, or did the Vamp Camp peeps? I’m confused.

    “First off, I’d hate to be that guy, but let’s remember that Alcide only died about three nights ago, and already Sookie is in Bill’s bed.”
    – PREACH!! (And on a personal note, why couldn’t it have been Eric instead?! :-()

    “Eric, freshly cured, pays a visit to Sookie at Bill’s house, and I’m not even going to try to figure out how he knew where she’d be.”
    – Blood bond #2 of the episode?

    At least it was an OK episode, even if a few things were overdone or predictable. I’m really curious to see what happens with Jessica and Hoyt. And what happened to Sam – did he run off to find his pregnant woman yet?!

    And, I’m giving this season an F so far in regards to Eric Nakedness. They need to improve that vastly before it wraps!!! 😡


    1. 1. Violet already knew where Jessica lived, so if her beef was with Jason and Jessica, I don’t really see where this whole need to manipulate Adilyn came in. After all, it wasn’t like she knew about Jessica giving Adilyn her blood.

      2. The Hep V virus and antidote were created in the camp, yes. But this camp was basically run by the makers of True Blood (Japs), which is why their company is now bankrupt and they’re after Sarah.

      3. Sookie hasn’t had Eric’s blood in at least a year. There’s no way that that bond would still have been active.

      Sam has really taken a backseat this season, no doubt. I’m not even sure where his story is heading… it’s kind of all over the place.

      As for Eric’s nekkidness, he’s done one nude scene so far and one sex scene with Jason… that, I think, deserves a D (pun only slightly intended). This show needs to work on getting us some more Jason nakedness. And are we really going to let season seasons go by without ever once seeing Lafayette in the buff?!?!


  2. 1 – Ah, I see your point. As I often have to tell myself when plot twists are stupid and don’t make sense… “It’s all for show.”

    2 – I can’t remember … did the Japanese know the torture camp existed? I know there was some sort of relationship between True Blood and the Governor, but I forget. I just remember the tremendous cat fight and Sarah killing the women with her spike heel (brutal!!).

    3 – OK, I’ll admit I’m a super nerd and read the books for this series. In the books, they say the bond lasts forever. I’m not sure how true the show stays to that theory. (As you can tell, sometimes I follow the details, but mostly I just watch for the looks. LOL!) However, Bill did tell Sookie their bond ended because he was fully drained of his blood… so maybe the Eric bond is still faint? I dunno.

    OK, ok – I’ll let the “D” rating slide. 😉 But I disagree with the Jason nakedness… he’s been featured quite a bit this season in various states of undress (the football scene with Sarah, the on-top-of-the-cop-car scene, etc). Lafayette, on the other hand… have we ever seen him really naked? I think maybe once or twice in his boxers but… hmmmm… we ARE yet to see how his blossoming love story plays out…


    1. The way I see it, once True Blood personnel were involved in the camp, they’re as culpable as the Governor and Sarah. But, you know, I’d all but forgotten about that show scene… so, yeah, thanks for the gruesome flashback.

      You deserve some sort of medal for being able to go through those books! I read the first one, and only made it through a quarter of the second before officially giving up. I know I’m in the minority being a major Sookie fan on the show, but Charlaine Harris successfully managed to make that character even more infuriatingly annoying in the books! Plus killing off Lafayette after one book?! The hell?!

      Now, as for the nekkidness, I’ll settle for this compromise: Eric, Jason, Lafayette, James, Bill and Sam should all just film all their future scenes in the buff. As difficult as it would be for us, the viewers, to go through it, I’ll willingly suffer the results :). Hell, if they wanna add a nude ghost of Alcide, I’m all for that too. Hey, Tara got her ghost nailed to a cross Jesus-style… a naked Alcide ghost isn’t too far-fetched after that.


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