Robin Williams Dead at 63

Robin Williams

Since I started this blog, there have been a fair few celebrity deaths, but I’ve rarely mentioned any of them, and I certainly never dedicated an entire post to any of them. This is for different reasons, not limited to the fact that I never want to treat anyone’s death as blog fodder, or that I sometimes think it’s weird to say that you’re sad for the death of someone you never met personally. However, I’m realising right now that I’m sad. Though I obviously never met Robin Williams, news of his death has made me incredibly sad, truly.

Like the majority of you out there, I grew up on Robin Williams’ many and varied performances, and I can think of at least a dozen at the top of my head right now. The man was brilliant, talented and funny, and this is what makes the fact that he apparently committed suicide even more shocking. This is another reminder that public appearances don’t always match private experiences… I first learned that when Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide, and this is another awful reminder.

I won’t make this a lengthy post because, really, there are no words. I’d just like to tell anyone who might be reading this and thinking of taking their own life to stop and reconsider. I’ve personally never had the desire to commit suicide, so I can’t pretend to fully understand, but I assure you that I 100% sympathise. Whatever it is you might be going through right now, I can almost guarantee you that it isn’t worth this. Especially if you may be thinking that no one is going to miss you when you’re gone, look at this example here of Robin Williams. Millions of people all over the world are saddened by his death, and I’m certain he didn’t think that it would be. Similarly, you have your own fans and loved ones who will be devastated by these actions, even if they may not always know how to express it.

If you need someone to talk to, and you don’t know where to reach out, you can always call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, night or day… 1 800 273 TALK (1 800 273 8255), or visit for international hotlines outside the US.

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