Trent and Luke Present “If Gay Were A Choice”

Some of you might recognise Trent and Luke as one of the couples that I featured in my “Same-Sex YouTuber Couples Deserve to be Celebrated” post.

Their latest video pokes fun at the archaic but apparently not yet obsolete diatribe that being gay is a choice. It, of course, is not the first video of its kind, and I’m certain that YouTube is quite full of similar ones. However, it was exaggerated to such a degree in this video that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud several times.

Trent and Luke are gaining quite some steam on YouTube, considering how new they are to the game. They’ve managed to score some great collaborations with already established YouTubers, and in this video, they were able to get the always hilarious Krishna to help them out. Krishna was undoubtedly the main attraction of the video, and all his sass gave me the highest levels of life.

So, if you haven’t already made the choice to be gay, and are seriously considering it, check out Trent and Luke’s video for the essential steps, including finding your signature gay catch phrase.

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