Cameron Monaghan Talks Shameless and The Giver with Interview Magazine

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Considering the multiple posts that I’ve written on Cameron Monaghan, I think it’s pretty safe to assume at this point that I have quite the thing for him. Cameron has been steadily promoting his upcoming film, The Giver, which boasts an incredible cast including Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes and even Taylor Swift. Cameron’s hit Showtime series – and a personal favourite of mine – Shameless, is set to return for its fifth season in January.

Interview Magazine recently put up a post with Cameron Monaghan, in which he discussed his upcoming projects and his experiences in the entertainment industry. I recommend the read, because he comes off as both hilarious and intelligent. I’ll highlight some of my favourite parts of the interview.

On working with Meryl Streep in The Giver:

I had never really heard of her before. Someone told me she was an actress and she’d been in a few things, but I said, you know, whatever. She showed up and she seemed somewhat inexperienced, so I gave her a few pointers, and I think she has a decent career ahead of her. It’s always hard to tell these things in Hollywood, but I do think that she has some talent under there. I think she’s a diamond in the rough. [laughs] Yeah, it was one of those things where you admire and respect a person, and you watch them for almost your entire life—and she was definitely one of those people that inspired me throughout my career. Having a chance to have a scene with her was pretty unreal. To work with anyone you admire and respect, and have for a very long time, is a surreal thing. It was really exciting. I’m still excited that I got to do scenes with her.

It took me half of the second sentence to realise that he was being sarcastic, but I legit laughed out loud when it finally dawned on me.

On his preference for television or film:

It’s hard to pick a preference. Obviously, TV is longer form, and that’s sometimes a positive, and sometimes a more challenging thing. As an actor, you want to be able to have your character develop or transform in some way. When you’re acting on a show over the course of multiple seasons, you get to watch a character really grow and change, and go from one place to an entirely other place. At the same time, on film, it’s really nice to see that transformation from the beginning, reading the script, to know where he starts and where he ends, and be able to plan for that. I like both for different reasons, and I think I always plan to do both if I can.

That was a brilliant answer, and highly logical.

On the most difficult story arc to film on Shameless:

I think that what we’re filming right now is definitely difficult in this fifth season. Watching, in many ways, not only an evolution of a character, but a descent. We’re watching him tear himself apart, to hopefully rebuild himself in a better way, but in the process he’s—without giving anything away—he’s kind of losing it. It’s been tricky to find ways to play it without pushing it over the top, so it’s not exploitative of mental illness. That’s something I’ve been talking to the writers about being conscientious of.

For a quick refresher, in the finale of season four of Shameless, we found out that Ian is suffering from bipolar disorder just like his mother, Monica. The real potential issue came in the fact that Mickey, who is finally out with their relationship, refuses to have Ian go to a psychiatric hospital, insisting that they stay together. As such, we have no idea what exactly is going to happen, but this quote from Cameron makes it seem that Ian is going to get a lot worse before (or if) he gets better.

On a kinda sorta related note, Noel Fisher (Mickey) recently got engaged to his girlfriend, so major congrats to them both.

Check out Cameron Monaghan over at Interview.

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