Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Idris Elba’s Sexiness

Idris Elba Details 2

It’s been out for some time that the gorgeous Idris Elba covers the latest issue of Details Magazine. I’d wanted to cover it ages ago, but I could never seem to find the time, so I suppose now is as great a time as any. The article itself is a pretty good read, and it illuminates Idris Elba’s rise to his current celebrity status. Turns out that he was (and still is) a DJ… who knew?! He also raps, and was featured on one of Jay-Z’s album.

The man is a wickedly talented actor, he raps, he DJs, he cooks, and he’s a family man. In short, Idris Elba is all around sexy as all hell. Instead of another one of my long-winded posts, I’ll just leave you with his Details pictures, and a couple of steamy GIFs for you to appreciate the human sex god that is Idris Elba. Seriously… I so would.

Idris Elba Details Cover

Idris Elba Details 1

Idris Elba Details 3



6 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Idris Elba’s Sexiness”

      1. From the pictures that have recently appeared on the interwebz, there’s quite a bit of him to go around😱 and by that emoji, I’m sure you know that’s literal as well as figurative.


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