Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 “Perishable”: My Unsolicited Review


I don’t know what’s going on with myself and Teen Wolf. I skipped out on last week’s review because I was just so busy, and I really regretted. So I decided that I absolutely had to get back into it this week, yet I know I’m several days late. Anyway, the all-mysterious Benefactor was finally revealed this week and… um, I’m kinda gonna need a minute with this twist to decide whether or not I’m even sort of on board.

This episode started off with a bit of a bang, and we finally got to see Parrish’s supernatural supernaturalness in all some of its supernaturally glory. The newest addition to the Benefactor’s worsening growing list of DIY assasins turned out to be Parrish’s own partner, Haigh (Lou Ferrigno Jr), whom we’d already known was violent scum from the episode with young Derek. Now with a possible five million dollar payoff for being scum, his violence went next level, and he handcuffed Parrish to the steering wheel of one of their police cruisers and set the car on fire, calmly listening to music as Parrish screamed while being burned alive. What he (and Parrish) didn’t know is that Parrish has some kind of immunity to fire, and he returned the next day, covered in soot and ash, to lay a major smackdown on him. It still wasn’t actually revealed what Parrish was, but we can already deduce that it’s some sort of human phoenix or something. Considering that he flawlessly survived being burned alive, he took the news from Scott, Lydia and Derek that he’s a supernatural quite well P.S, how super adorable is it that he still thinks Lydia is psychic?

This week finds Liam very much on edge after his printer went off on its own, refusing to stop until he completely unplugged it. The same thing happened to Coach Finstock and Stiles, because printers apparently work like fax machines in Beacon Hills. The material printed turned out to be an updated version of the dead pool, and it was no wonder that Liam was freaking out. Not only was Derek no longer on the hit list, but the price on Liam’s head jumped from three million dollars to eighteen million, significantly increasing his appeal to would-be assassins.

In an attempt to get this off his mind, Liam uses the upcoming “annual” bonfire (which we’re only hearing about for the first time this season) to get totally wasted. Surprisingly, Scott also finds Malia there trying to do the same thing. Although he informs her that being werewolf makes it impossible to get drunk, it soon looks like he might be wrong, as Malia starts becoming light-headed and seeing double. The same thing happens to Liam, so it begins to look like Scott might have been wrong, until he himself – who hadn’t had a drop of alcohol – starts suffering the same way, and we realise that there’s something sinister at work. At first, I thought that the bonfire might have been made from branches of a mountain ash tree, which would have made total sense as to why only the three werewolves in attendance were being affected like this, but it turned out that the reason for their illness was the music (???). Now, I readily admit that the techno music being played was terrible, but not nearly enough to nearly kill werewolves just by being listened to. Scott, Malia and Liam are soon carried away by assassin police officers, and nearly killed before Mason is able to stop the music, and Derek and Braeden show up to help save the day. Is it just me, or is it a tad convenient that everyone who gets the list automatically becomes okay with murdering strangers…including teenage strangers. I get that 4 million dollars is a lot of money to turn down, but is there no one with a strong enough moral compass to report the hit list to the authorities?

The real story of the episode, though, revolved around Lydia. It was revealed last week that Lydia’s grandmother had been a banshee also, and before her death had left a list to Lydia written in the same code as the dead pool. Although Lydia had questioned whether or not her grandmother had really died, we learn that she had indeed… her code was simply mimicked by the Benefactor to create their hit list. As Lydia recounted, her grandmother, Lorraine (who’d apparently been a secret lesbian), had one day predicted the death of her female lover “best friend”, Maddie, with the incessant sound of a rainstorm, despite the day being bright and sunny. When Maddie later died out on the lake from a sudden and unexpected storm, Lorraine underwent every test that she could think of in order to understand how she had predicted this storm… and ultimately, Maddie’s death. It was during this time she found Meredith at Eichen House and almost killed her with the experiments that she’d done on the young banshee.

Desperate for more answers, Stiles and Lydia head over to Eichen House, and bribe Brunski (Aaron Hendry) to allow them into the filing room to dig up any information that they could find on the original list that Lorraine had left to Lydia. There, Stiles notices that Lydia had added another name to the list. When he asks her about it, she has no idea what he’s referring to, despite the fact that the name had been written in her handwriting, meaning that she had done it in one of her states of banshee prediction. Since banshees predict death, it’s an awful thing that the name had come to her… it was worse that the name was Stiles. Before either of them could figure it out, Brunski attacks them with a taser and then ties them up there. As Parrish learns as he goes through the police reports, Brunski orchestrated the deaths of everyone on Lorraine’s list, making them all appear as the suicides of mentally unstable individuals. As if learning that her grandmother’s death had been a murder wasn’t bad enough, Lydia is played the tape of it, so that she not only hears her grandmother’s death… she hears that her grandmother’s last words were a plea to Brunski to not hurt Lydia. As Brunski is about to inject them both with lethal drugs, Parrish rushes in and shoots him. Lydia and Stiles quickly fill inform Parrish that Brunski had been behind the entire thing, controlling Meredith and then killing her when she tried to help them. However, as he lays there, drowning in his own blood, Brunski laughs at their assumptions, and his last words are a revelation that it wasn’t him controlling Meredith, but the other way around. At that, a very much alive Meredith turns up, unequivocally confirming that she is, indeed, the Benefactor.

I think that the Scott/Liam/Malia storyline was a bit lacking, but Lydia’s part kind of made up for it. I’ve mentioned before that Lydia has sort of taken a backseat most of this season, so it was nice to see her at the forefront for a bit again. Mason is really growing on me, as the show is portraying him as wittier with every passing episode. This still doesn’t make up for the fact that Keahu Kahuanui hasn’t been featured a single damn time all season, which is pretty unforgiveable, if you ask me!

I should have guessed that Meredith would have been the mastermind. Teen Wolf has a history of making the most innocent-appearing people turn out to be the bad guys in the end (Peter, Ms Blake etc). With it being revealed that Meredith is the Benefactor, it’ll be interesting to see the direction that her character takes. Thus far, she’d been portrayed as this half-cracked loonie who could barely string three coherent sentences together before almost collapsing in a nervous breakdown. As the Benefactor, though, I’m assuming that a more lucid, in-command demeanour will be necessary… after all, when was the last time you heard a crazy person use CIA-type expressions like “visual confirmation is required”. There’s still quite a bit to be explored before the season ends, including Satomi’s pack, Kate’s transformation, financial troubles, Scott’s dad (who is sometimes quite innocuous but very often suspicious), Derek’s lack of power, Peter’s increasing power, Malia’s mother and the return of the Calaveras. No doubt some of it will be left for the fifth season, but there still time to see what is revealed now.







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