Transgender Does Not Mean Sexually Deviant!

Transgender Symbol

I can absolutely forgive ignorance. We are all, at some point or another in our lives, ignorant of some issue. What I cannot forgive is:

  1. The refusal to remove yourself from your state of ignorance
  2. The use of said to ignorance as justification for your hatred and stupidity.

I find it sad and disgusting the number of posts I have to put up here condemning some idiot for being transphobic. Instead, I won’t focus so much on the transphobia this time, and try to dedicate this more towards showing some love to anyone reading this who may identify as transgender.

Professional baby-maker, Michelle Duggar, of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, recorded and released a message to the people of LaFayetteville, Arkansas, urging them to stand against an antidiscrimination ordinance which offered protection of rights of transgender citizens of Arkansas. This bill would make it illegal for someone to be fired or evicted based on sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity or socioeconomic background.

In her message, Michelle Duggar ignored the marital status and socioeconomic background factors and went straight for the gender identity protection. She argued that the ordinance would allow “men – yes, I said men – to use girls’… locker rooms… and other areas that are designated for women only.” She also goes on to hint that this new law would allow convicted child molesters to be able to enter private areas for women and girls.

Ugh. Just ugh. First off, this is the same woman who has given birth to nineteen children, sheltered them in such a way that they never really got a chance to experience normal social conditions, and is dead set on having more children despite every doctor’s warning that it would most likely endanger her life and the life of the unborn child. So, really, I don’t think anyone should be taking any advice from her when it comes to the safety of children. Even if she didn’t have these factors stacked against her, I find it repugnant that she would outright lie about the conditions of this new ordinance just to create a sense of fear in people who are just as or more ignorant of the bill than she is.

If you are transgender and reading this, just know that not everyone is as dumbshit stupid as this woman. There are millions of us out there who don’t believe that transgender individuals are dangerous, confused or mentally unstable. You are beautiful and amazing, and deserve a fucking medal for the amount of courage you have to accept who you are in a world so full of morons. The mere fact that this ordinance passed with a vote of 6-2 validates this claim. So keep your head up, keep being awesome and know that we’re sending tons of love your way.

If you can contain the eye-roll-worthy mess that Michelle Duggar spits out, check out the audio recording below. I suggest you just laugh at her ignorance and shake it off (thanks Taylor Swift). Also, I pay so little attention to this bizarre birth-obsessed family that I had no idea that their last name wasn’t pronounced doo-gurr until this message. Go figure.

Pic via Deviant Art

3 thoughts on “Transgender Does Not Mean Sexually Deviant!”

  1. Professional baby maker?! LOL!

    How in the world did she even tie child molesters or whatever into this?! UGH! That woman just drives me crazy. You hit the nail on the head by saying the whole “…this is the same woman who … is dead set on having more children despite every doctor’s warning that it would most likely endanger her life and the life of the unborn child. So, really, I don’t think anyone should be taking any advice from her when it comes to the safety of children” thing.

    I’m not even religious, but in discussing this woman with someone who is more devout (and understands how religion plays into family planning more than I), they had a good point “God gave us a body so that we can have children, and a brain so that we can determine when we should have children.” I think Mrs. Professional-baby-maker missed the second part of that phrase.

    Regardless – trans population, what up?! I’m as straight as they come, and I support you too. BOOM! Let’s change this world for the better.


    1. That’s brilliant! I love that! We are absolutely given our bodies to procreate if that’s our choice, but we were also given our minds to make the right choices. I think it’s quite the frightening that she’s allowed to keep procreating when it’s clearly the wrong choice.

      You, my darling, are the absolute best kind of heterosexual out there! Score one for the straight world.


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