Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 “Monstrous”: My Unsolicited Review


Ok, so this Meredith as the Benefactor plot twist just went from startling to downright weird. This week’s story wasn’t really bad… not at all, actually. It just makes everything that came before it seem unnecessary and kind of ridiculous. From the very beginning, Meredith’s name had been on the dead pool, which removed suspicion from her being the Benefactor. When it was revealed that the Benefactor might have been a banshee, her apparent suicide served to once again distance her from suspicion, as she and Lydia were the only banshees that we knew. Then, last week, Brunski’s revelation that Meredith had been controlling him all this time, and had been the one behind her own faked suicide painted her as some cunning evil genius. This week, though, we once again see Meredith as an overly innocent darling, bringing us full circle with no evident reasoning behind this.

Scott and Kira finally meet up with the rest of Satomi’s pack and, with the help of Chris, Derek and Braeden, help them take refuge at Chris’ place. While there, they get attacked by SWAT-like agents, indicating quite a profound and official bump up from the last few assassins that we’ve been seeing. A huge fight occurred, with lots of bullets being fired, and Scott flew into his first real werewolf murderous rage. At that moment, we actually see Scott physically changing, as he makes his first kill. This is particularly prominent for two reasons. Firstly, throughout this season, we’ve seen Scott struggling with the idea that he may one day wind up killing someone. During his comatose state which Kira induced, his dreams kept revolving around the temptation of giving in to his werewolf instinct and committing a kill… this week, he came scarily close to succumbing to this temptation. Secondly, the beginning of this episode saw a really great moment between Scott and Lia, in which Liam confessed his fears to Scott, and admitted that he didn’t think he had the courage that Scott and the others did. Liam started off on this show as a total obnoxious little a-hole, so it’s great to see the amazing influence that Scott has had on him. Courageous or not, it seems that being a werewolf was truly the right path for him.

Of course, the real story of the night was that of Lydia and Meredith. After refusing to speak to anyone about what inspired her to create and release the dead pool, Meredith finally agreed to Lydia that she would speak… but only to Peter. Peter was just as surprised by this little turn of events, and when he arrived, he seemed genuinely unable to recognise Meredith, though she clearly knew who he was, as she marvelled at the fact that all his burn scars were gone. It turns out that while Peter was comatose at the hospital, Meredith had been in the bed next to him, and I suppose because he was so close to death, she was able to hear everything that he’d been thinking. During his time bedridden, all his thoughts had been centred on retribution for being nearly burned alive, and his desire was to get rid of all supernaturals and then rebuild the supernatural world in his image. I just cannot with this. Since Meredith was already half-cracked, this constant stream of vengeful thoughts apparently caused her to actually physically create the dead pool, and release it to any assassin who would be willing to participate. I’m not entirely sure that the chronological sequence fits adequately with this whole Peter/Meredith pairing, but let’s just go with it. It was a pretty good plot twist (minus the whole run around with Brunski), and having both Peter and Meredith responsible for the dead pool negated the need for an entirely new villain, and simply introduced several disposable bad guys throughout the season.

The next couple of episodes won’t include the assassins, as the Benefactor’s contracts have all been cancelled, but Peter is once again (like he ever stopped) on some plan to kill Scott. So we get to see how this is going to play out. Malia and Stiles made up, so that’s some awesome news going forward. You know, in my heart of hearts, I will always ship Lydia and Stiles, but I actually quite like Stalia as an item. I also wouldn’t be aversed to seeing some sort of relationship develop between Lydia and Parrish. They’ve already got the makings, if you ask me. This season finale is gearing up to have major potential for the fifth season, and I’m interested to see how it plays out.







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