Tyler Oakley & Darren Criss Make an Awesome Duo


A few years ago, I used to be obsessed with Darren Criss! And I don’t mean any cute puppy-love kind of obsessed. I was like head-over-heels, this-is-my-future-husband, bordering-on-psycho obsessed! The only other person who I knew was as obsessed as me was the queen of YouTube herself, Tyler Oakley! After years of his not-so-subtle indications that he loved Darren Criss, Tyler finally met him at one of the Trevor Project’s events, of which both Tyler and Darren are active members.

The Trevor Project, for those who don’t know, is a non-profit organisation which focuses on providing crisis and suicide prevention tools and assistance to young members of the LGBT community. Since its founding in 1998, the Trevor Project has grown to incorporate their skills and training in schools, communities and online, and boasts the participation and support of many Hollywood celebrities. The aim of the Trevor Project is to ensure that any LGBT teen has an avenue to admit and release their fears, speaking in confidence to trained and compassionate counsellors, instead of taking their own lives. It truly is an amazing organization, and Tyler Oakley has been campaigning for them for years. Earlier this year for his 25th birthday, Tyler urged his fans instead of buying anything for him personally, to make a donation to the Trevor Project in his name. Although his proposed goal was $150,000, his fans far surpassed this goal and the total donations exceed half a million dollars. Indeed, it had become such a phenomenon that even big-name corporate entities had entered the donations.

Since he often conducted red-carpet interviews for The Trevor Project’s events, Tyler had occasionally run into Darren Criss. However, for the first time, the two of them sat down to make a video for Tyler’s YouTube channel, and the result was pure magic! The video already has over one million views. In it, they briefly discuss the Trevor Project, GLEE, and then play a funny rapid-fire question and answer game. On GLEE, Darren Criss plays a very good-boy, charming sort of role – the guy wears bowties to high school, for crying out loud! So can I just say that I don’t know what kind of person it makes me that hearing him use the f-word totally made me weak at the knees.


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