Victims Aren’t To Blame


If you haven’t yet heard, you soon will that another celebrity leaked pic scandal has hit Hollywood. I know it’s happened before but usually it’s only happened to one celebrity at a time. This time, however, it’s on a massive scale and several young female celebrities are the targets this time including allegedly Jennifer Lawrence, Kim K, Ariana Grande and several more. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to include the pics if they ever get released, and I’m considering not even tagging this post at all, because I’m afraid it’s only going to bring a slew of perverts who are only coming to get off on something that is obviously causing humiliation to the victims. I wouldn’t have posted anything at all about it, because I’m pretty sure that I covered my opinion on these matters in my Demi Lovato post. However, something caught my attention which made me desperately need a place to vent.

Someone had the nerve to comment online that these stars deserved to get their personal phones hacked and have their private pictures leaked because they’re fully aware that it has happened before and it could happen to them. The hell kind of mentality is that?! Yeah, ok. Let’s see… people have died in plane crashes before so I’m never travelling by plane again because if I die, I’d deserve it… people have choked and died before, so I’m never eating food again because if I choke, I’d deserve it. See how stupid this shit sounds? Well, that’s how this idiot sounded to me! I just don’t understand how anyone could think this way and not realise they sound like a raging moron. So, these women deserve to have their privacy violated and made publicly ashamed because it’s happened to other people, but the douchebags who are responsible for this disgusting act should be lauded as heroes for bringing it to our attention? Well, pardon me, but I believe that said douchebags should have the shit kicked out of them. This is just so sickening, I could vomit!

This is the same ridiculous mentality that blames rape victims for “being too drunk” or “wearing clothes that are too tight”. Let’s get something straight here. No one “deserves” to be raped, and no one “asks” to be raped. Even if a woman strips naked in a prison full of inmates, she doesn’t “deserve” to be raped. If you ask me, all rapists should get their dicks cut off to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. When did it become okay to start blaming victims just because they didn’t somehow anticipate their attack, and start erasing all responsibility from the culprits? Shitty, awful people do shitty, awful things. And they’re the ones who should be called out and blamed… not their victims!

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