Pentatonix’s Mashup of Sam Smith’s “La La” and “Latch” Does Things To Me

Remember in my very first Sam Smith post, I admitted that I was sceptical to start listening to him because I was afraid that I would become obsessed with him like I was with Ed Sheeran? Well, considering I’ve now pretty much lost count of the number of posts that I’ve written about him since then, I think it’s pretty safe to say that this battle has been lost. In my defence, though, this post isn’t specifically about him. Pentatonix just released a mashup of two of Sam Smith’s songs from his In The Lonely Hour album: ‘La La’ and ‘Latch’, and it is officially my favourite thing of the week! Since I first listened to it, this mashup has been stuck on repeat both on my laptop and in my head. Someone on YouTube suggested that you put the speed settings of the video to 1.25 and listen from 2:38, and I owe this mysterious angel a debt of gratitude, because that idea is everything!

If you aren’t familiar with Pentatonix, you need to get on their level because they are all kinds of awesome. Pentatonix is an a capella group which has made quite a name for themselves especially after having won the third season of The Sing-Off and getting signed to Sony. They’ve released several a capella covers of hit songs, and quite a few of them have gone viral, because they’re just that awesome.

It’s just come to my attention that I haven’t seen a Pentatonix video in a while but geez, how long has it been? Kirstie is now blonde, and Mitch has lost a ton of weight. Don’t get me wrong, though… thin, round, I still would any which way – especially when he starts singing! Good lord! And, of course, Scott is still the same tall drink of sexiness that he always was. Seriously, between these two and Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, I have to start wondering what is it with me about a guy who can sing?!

7 thoughts on “Pentatonix’s Mashup of Sam Smith’s “La La” and “Latch” Does Things To Me”

  1. SPOT ON! Pentatonix are so incredibly talented its mind-blowing. There is nothing they can’t sing(?). Sing doesn’t even begin to describe what they do! Anyway, guys who sing are sexy because they are completely in touch with their emotions and are confident enough to share them through song. Ooooh, I just got goosebumps just thinking about someone I dated years ago who could change my mood in an instant just by singing the right words.😊


      1. So true! I should have been jailed for taking him for granted especially since he looked like Scott Hoying. I actually dated a keyboard player at the same time that looked kinda like a cross between Mitch and Avi. He couldn’t sing, but still sexy hot though. See? I was a tool.


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