Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 “A Promise To The Dead”: My Unsolicited Review


This season of Teen Wolf is coming to an end, and since this whole Benefactor nonsense is now over, I wasn’t sure what the show had planned for us… but oh boy, do they have stuff planned for us! In all honesty, this week’s episode wasn’t entirely thrilling and there wasn’t much going on, but that’s to be expected since they just ended up one major story line and are preparing to move on to another.

Scott finally gave the money that he had hidden under his bed back to Derek. Granted, it was only after his mom found it and convinced him that they would be alright without the need to steal, but it still speaks to his character that he only had it stashed away for the financial troubles of his house, and didn’t actually go spending it on himself. Derek, whose personality has improved tons since season one, was more than understanding, and didn’t even seem to care much, partly because the money was Peter’s so it wasn’t even his to begin with.

Liam is still struggling with fear and nightmares ever since his encounter with the Berserkers, and it’s gotten to the point where he’s now seeing them everywhere, and is pushing everyone away because of it. Brett, however, softened his attitude towards Liam since Scott saved his entire pack, and encouraged him to look to Scott for strength and guidance. Acting was a bit weak in that scene, but it was pretty cool the way they finally had these two new werewolves share a moment of friendship.

After almost being murdered at Eichen House, Stiles’ debt to the place was cleared, and that was a bit of pretty good news in the Teen Wolf sphere. He and Malia are still doing well, with Sheriff Stilinski even officially referring to her as Stiles’ “girlfriend”. However, things are going to get a bit darker for Malia, since Peter has allegedly tracked down her mother – “the Desert Wolf” – but will only give her the necessary information if she kills Kate for him. What that’s about, I’m not sure, but I suppose it might have to do with the fact that Kate knows so much about him from their little alliance, and Peter has never been one to have anyone know more than he wants them to.

There was a moment after Chris tracked Kate’s location that I honestly thought we were going to say goodbye to yet another Argent. Peter took an iron bar, rammed it straight through Chris’ abdomen, pinning him to a wall, and then twisted the bar around his torso, keeping Chris captured there. Chris would certainly have bled out and died had Parrish, who’s apparently been following Peter since the whole Meredith incident, not arrived. A very depressed and despondent Chris asked Parrish to just let him die out, but the deputy refused to leave the hunter behind and managed to pep him up with some little speech about adrenaline and fear and anger. Good job, writers. This speech was just so corny and cheesy that I could have used it to make four extra-large vegetarian pizzas. However, they used the moment to speak about Allison, so there’s no way I can say no to that! It also offered us another glimpse into his mysterious powers and it turns out that his eyes glow just like the werewolves! We still know nothing about him, but season five will be a great opportunity to explore his story.

In a bid for some information, Deaton visited a secret division of Eichen House and there spoke to a patient who apparently has the gift of Third Sight, which is incredibly informative but puts its viewers in a comatose state. Deaton fell prey to this coma, despite being warned by the hospital’s doctors, and wasn’t awoken until Lydia snapped him out of it – presumably with her banshee scream because we were never really shown. Now awoken, Deaton reveals that Kate has taken Scott to Mexico. This instantly made me think that she was planning to do to him whatever it is that she’d done to Derek to make him lose his powers. Then I realised that this couldn’t work because if Scott also lost his powers, then it would no longer really be Teen Wolf, would it? It would be more like Teen Who Used To Be A Wolf But Is Now An Ordinary Teenager Again But Might Learn To Use A Gun From A Former Sexy Mercenary, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. On the other hand, it might be the perfect opportunity for the show to finally be renamed Teen Wolf: The Chronicles of Stiles Stilinski, so let’s not dismiss the idea just yet. Speaking of sexy mercenaries… can we just take a moment to acknowledge how sexy Braeden is?! I mean, it’s more than obvious that she’s very pretty, but holy hell what a bangin’ body! This girl has got legs for days months! Very aptly, she is definitely my #wcw.

This week’s cliffhanger shocker was brought to us by everyone’s favourite werewhatever, Kate Argent. It turns out that she didn’t take Scott to Mexico to strip him of his powers after all. Oh no, her plan was much worse better different. Evidently, there’s a way to forcibly transform somone into one of her Berserkers (who knew?!) and this is exactly what she decided to do. Her belief is that, with Scott as one of their prime enemies, his friends will have no choice but to kill him, especially if they don’t know that it is him under the mask. It’s very role-reversal of what happened to Stiles and the nogitsunei. The episode ended with Kate placing the mask on Scott’s face.

If she is successful, it’ll be fun to see how this plays out. Next week is the season finale, so it’ll be sure to be jam-packed with action and surprise. And Keahu Kahuanui had BETTER be back next season.






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