The Little Rascals Aren’t So Little Anymore


In honour of the twentieth anniversary of the iconic movie, The Little Rascals, the now adult cast reunited to reprise some of their most memorable scenes for an amazing photo shoot. The first thing I thought when I saw this was: hold up, how the hell is this movie 20 years already?! Why, time, why? The second thing I thought was: hold up, how the hell do all these people still look so much like they did when they were kids?! Half of Hollywood today don’t look like they did when they were kids… hell, half of Hollywood today don’t look like they did five years ago, and here these kids grew into adulthood looking almost exactly like they did in that movie!

I loved The Little Rascals growing up. It was one of my all-time favourite movies, third only to Aladdin and The Beauty & The Beast and my sister and I watched it so many times that we could recite practically the entire movie verbatim. To this day I still know Alfalfa’s “hate letter” to Darla word for word. When I mentioned the name “Buckwheat” earlier, my sister immediately launched into song:

I got a pickle, I got a pickle, I got a pickle, hey, hey, hey, hey.

This was a really novel idea, and seeing it really made me feel very happy. With all the awfulness that happens around us, it’s always great when even little things have the ability to provoke good thoughts and good memories.

By the way, I think it’s hilarious that my mom only just realised – 20 years later, mind you – that Buckwheat was a boy! LOL

Check out some more pics after the jump, and visit 22 Vision’s Facebook page for even more reunion awesomeness!













6 thoughts on “The Little Rascals Aren’t So Little Anymore”

    1. Lol you’re worse than I am!

      The Sandlots was before my time,.though. I don’t care that it was around the same time as The Little Rascals… that’s my excuse for having never watched it.


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