Anti Marriage Equality Ads Are Just As Ridiculous As Their Creators

Have you ever seen any of these anti marriage equality ads and thought to yourself that they rank among the most stupidly ridiculous things that you’ve ever seen? Well, you’re not alone. YouTuber Michael Rizzi gathered a few of YouTube’s long term same-sex couples, a few of which you may recognise from my “Same-Sex YouTube Couples Deserve to be Celebrated” post, to view and critique a few of those dumbshit stupid ads.

The result is incredibly entertaining, as these guys point out the pure moronic essence of these commercials. Truly, they aren’t even clever enough to be insulting, and come out just as stupid as the antigay arguments.

The reason that I’m highlighting this is because although I find these ads moronic, as do these YouTubers, not everyone has the same reaction, and some of these ads are actually successful in hurting some LGBT individuals, especially younger ones. As such, I’d like to use this opportunity to invite all of you to shed any harm that these ads may cause you, and realise that very many of us view these ads as nothing but pure idiocy, and that you should also. If you notice, these ads offer absolutely no logical argument, and simply pander to a moral dilemma that doesn’t actually exist. So just laught this rubbish off and realise that in spite of this supposed homophobic heterosexual superiority, by the very actions of this anti-gay extreme, they’re proving that you are better than them in every conceivable way.

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