Taylor Lautner Really Is Great In “Cuckoo”


Some time back, BBC released a trailer for the second season of their comedy, Cuckoo, in which Taylor Lautner would be replacing Adam Samberg as the title character. At the time, I was in total shock that I’d never heard of the show to begin with, let alone knowing that Samberg would be leaving to be replaced by Lautner. However, I was intrigued enough to decide to give the show a try. Since the show was still some time from starting though, by the time it premiered, I’d sort of already pushed it on the back burner.

This weekend, I finally decided to get on the Cuckoo level. My original plan was to start off with season one and then make my way forward, because it felt really weird starting at the second season, knowing that there was an entire story which came before it. But for some reason (Taylor Lautner), I kicked that idea to the curb and jumped right into season two. I figured that I’d just watch the first episode and if there was evidently a lot of back story that I was missing, I’d just put it on pause and start again from season one. Well, that didn’t exactly work out and I ended up watching three out of the five aired episodes so far back to back. Why? Taylor Lautner!

It turns out that I really am watching for him. And it isn’t because he’s hott… but because he’s actually really good in the show. Let’s be honest, we kind of all judge his acting abilities from his run on Twilight, but I think we might be doing him quite a disservice. I know that an actor should be able to make any role believable, but I guess even a master thespian would find it near-impossible to inject any real credibility into a chronically shirtless mutant dog hybrid who was supposedly in love with an emotionless pile of insecurity with whom he had less sexual chemistry than he did with his forever-missing T-shirts. Go figure.

Cuckoo, just like I’d predicted, is a far better fit for Lautner. And since he doesn’t have to pretend to be this stoic, lovesick badass hero (seriously, how am I only now realising what a ridiculous character that was?!) he is able to relax a bit, and he really does shine in a comedic role. He has better comedic timing than I would have given him credit for (though in his defence, he also did in Twilight), he doesn’t hesitate to be silly which totally makes the character all the weirder and more lovable, and he does this little high pitch giggle which kills me! Andy Samberg was only able to dedicate one season to the show, so there’s no telling how long Taylor Lautner will remain. But, for now, I’m quite enjoying his Cuckoo performance.

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