Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 “Smoke And Mirrors”: My Unsolicited Review


I know that this post is extremely late, so I won’t even bother going into depth like I usually do. I’m just going to make it a super short and super condensed recap.

This was perhaps the best season finale that the show has had so far, and that includes last season’s which gave us all the sads with the deaths of Allison and Aiden. There weren’t any major deaths in this finale but, for a moment, it almost seemed like there might have been with Derek.

With Scott kidnapped, Stiles, Malia and Liam drive to Mexico to rescue him, along with Braeden, Derek and Peter, who is once again outright the villain. They were sadly not joined by Lydia, who’d been held captive at the school by one of Kate’s Berserkers, as her banshee predictions of death would have alerted the others that they were killing Scott.

Scott, fully transformed into a Berserker, attacks his friends and they do come remarkably close to killing him, until Liam is able to snap him out of it. Not only was this part cliché, it was also incredibly disappointing that Scott literally just had to rip the Berserker costume off of him to go back to his normal self. I mean, talk about anticlimactic.

The huge climax, however, was a most spectacular match against Scott and Peter for the position and title of head alpha. Despite Peter coming close to winning, an incredible display of strength and talent by Scott assured him the victory. This came after Peter beating on Liam, and this was the second time in the episode that Liam was the one who was able to bring Scott to realise his true potential. Again, I’m going to point out how much I love that Liam being Scott’s beta has been a great blessing to them both, and Liam’s transformation thus far (despite his fears and reservations) has been incredibly impressive. How amazing was it that he refused to stay away from rescuing Scott? It also led to him finally mastering his full moon transformations (though, truth be told, I thought that he had already gotten over that).

In spite of Scott and Peter’s face-off being the grand aspect of the episode, my absolute favourite part involved Derek and his brush with death. All this time, we’d been led to believe that his lack of powers and his name as they key to one of the deadpools were leading to his death but, in reality, everything was leading to his evolution. His evolution into what? A full wolf shape-shifter, just like his mother. Actually, when the black wolf was first shown, my initial thought that it was somehow Talia Hale, despite knowing that she was dead. I then thought that it was this “Desert Wolf” that everyone’s been going on about. The furthest thing on my mind was that it was Derek, yet I think that it made for a wonderful twist. Since Scott had first been written as a “True Alpha”, Derek’s role has slowly faded to the back, but this new aspect is sure to change that.

I already can’t wait for next season. Derek’s shape-shifting powers will be amazing to watch; the revelation of Parrish’s powers will hopefully be fantastic; Kira has gotten her first tail; Mason has been introduced to the world of the supernatural; Chris has teamed up with the Calaveras to hunt down Kate; and to top it all off, Peter is Eichen House’s newest patient, and coupled up with the third-eyed seer, which should make for a great partnership.

Way to keep us coming back for more, MTV. Keep it up.








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