Michael Strahan Cast In Magic Mike XXL

Michael Strahan

A huge part of Michael Strahan’s success on Live! is the fact that he appears so goofy and likeable. But let’s not kid ourselves… we’re all blindingly aware of the fact that he’s a hulking mass of powerful sexiness… even if gap teeth aren’t your thing. The former pro-football player still maintains the type of physique that make us all dance in our pants. Now, since Channing Tatum is evidently dead set on flooding the cinemas (pun most definitely intended), he has gone about casting Michael Strahan for the highly fapticipated anticipated Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

If the sequel is anything like its predecessor, this is a fantastic move. We all watched the movie, and we all had our eyes shamelessly glued to the screen during every scene that didn’t include Cody Horn took part in the club, but let’s admit it: the movie really wasn’t very good. It had a lukewarm plot that didn’t really go anywhere and I was more confused than aroused at the end (which is why, I suppose, they’ve gone ahead with a sequel… for a bit of closure.) So, in the event that Magic Mike XXL isn’t any better storyline-wise, then an endless parade of half-naked beefcakes is exactly what is required.

For someone who works so hard on maintaining his physique, Michael Strahan surprisingly doesn’t show it off that often. Sure, I suppose he’s contractually obligated to wear those sleek designer suits for his talk show, but would it kill him to stage a few “surprise” paparazzi attacks while he’s shirtless at the beach like a regular celebrity? Thanks to Channing Tatum, this should now be obsolete, if Michael Strahan really does wind up in a thong on the big screen.

PS, I honestly felt incredibly vapid and superficial writing this post, but then I remember what Michael Strahan’s biceps look like in the picture above, and the guilt ironically disappears.

Pic Via Peter Yang

3 thoughts on “Michael Strahan Cast In Magic Mike XXL”

  1. To be honest, I’m going to have a hard time noticing anyone but Channing in this film. But if this addition to the cast helps blow out the box office … and open the possibility for a 3rd installment … then, by all means!!


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