Daniel Franzese Spoofs Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

Happy Post #3

Remember Daniel Franzese, whose Damien character from Mean Girls is as iconic today as it was during its release, and who came out as gay earlier this year? Well, he’s back on our radar with this hilarious parody of Sam Smith’s mega-hit, “Stay With Me”, entitled “Please Go Home”. And when I say “hilarious”, I mean it! I legit laughed my way throughout this video.

The video stars Daniel Franzese and Adrian Anchondo, with Anchondo playing the over-clingy one night stand who is blithely unaware that he has overstayed his welcome, while Franzese plays the homeowner who is more than over having his trick present in his apartment. It also features the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.

I’d like to point out a comment that someone made on Facebook, criticising the video as further perpetuation of the stereotype that all gay men are only interested in hookups and not “real connections”. The reason I mention this is to highlight the response beneath it, which was:

“Does everything we do have to be ambassadorial? I mean, it’s a joke song. Lighten up!”

All the cheesecake to this responder! Wonderfully said! While I do think that it’s great for LGBT individuals to show as positive an image of the community as possible, we have to understand that everyone is different, and not every LGBT person is great… or even good. Just like not every straight person is good.

If someone makes a joke about one specific couple engaging in a one night stand, why does that suddenly and automatically have to reflect the entire LGBT population? Can’t this couple just have their one-time hook up without all of us looking promiscuous? It’s crazy when you realise that straight people do it all the time without it reflecting badly on every straight person in the world. Let’s just realise that not everything that an individual gay person does reflects on every other LGBT person… let’s stop looking for reasons to be mad, and just be happy!

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