Cheerios Releases Awesome & Heartwarming Commercial… Again

By now, I’m assuming that you’ve all heard of the latest child molestation scandal involving a most beloved actor from long-over but still-cherished television show. I can’t say that I’m depressed about it, but – assuming that the allegations and “confession” are true – I am incredibly disappointed and disgusted with the entire ordeal. I won’t focus on this, though, because how many words do I really need to say that paedophiles are disgusting and deserve the most severe punishment available? Mind you, I firmly believe that some laws involving “sex offenders” are ridiculous and should be revised – for instance (and I know that this may not go over well with many people) I see no reason why a sixteen or seventeen year old boy should be arrested and labelled a “sex offender” for the rest of his life if he is found to have sex with his fifteen year old girlfriend, provided that it is consensual (especially if they go to school together). I’m sorry, but no number of “she is underage” arguments can convince me that a sixteen or seventeen year old should be punished for that, when this two year age difference suddenly and magically becomes the most adorable and perfect match ever when they’re both over the age of eighteen. That being said, an adult who systematically and/or non-consensually takes advantage of a child is a separate issue, and this person, yes, should be made to suffer as much as possible.

I’ve already gone far deeper into this topic than I’d originally intended. My initial plan was to mention but not delve into this awful and gross situation – which, now that I think about it, perhaps isn’t all that fair, because it’s a very real issue which happens to millions of kids every day. Still, though, I think that for today, I’m only going to focus on happy posts. So…

Happy post #1:

In case you’ve missed it, check out this super cute Canadian commercial from Cheerios, which features a real-life couple André and Jonathan, and their gorgeous little daughter, Raphaëlle. Cheerios, for some time now, has been putting out commercials which represent the diversity and inclusiveness of modern families… almost defiantly now, it appears, because these commercials usually garner so much opposition. This commercial, though, seems to be the pinnacle. I mean, they’re two gay French men who speak English and have a black baby girl… unless one of them were disabled or part Native-American, I don’t think it could have gotten any more diverse/inclusive than that. Whether Cheerios is doing it out of sincerity or for publicity, I quite adore this commercial because there is just SO much love in there. I very often wonder if I’ll ever be ready for kids some day, but this is definitely pushing me into “HELL YEAH” territory.

It’s unfortunate that so many people have issues with LGBT people being parents to young children when it is so blindingly obvious (see beginning of this post) that those who do the most harm to children are not necessarily gay.

3 thoughts on “Cheerios Releases Awesome & Heartwarming Commercial… Again”

  1. I so agree with you about the teen issue – I won’t even waste more words on it.

    In regards to the Cherrio’s commercial, I am proud to say General Mills is based in the Minneapolis Metro area!! I think they show the true love that is our metro, and like the general populace here, support all walks of life.


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