Daniel Radcliffe’s Wisdom Is Overshadowed Only By His Sexiness In Essential Homme Magazine

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme Cover

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I’ve always thought that Daniel Radcliffe was better looking in photographs than in moving images. Don’t get me wrong – given half the chance, I totally would any day of the week. But, still-life photographs always tend to accentuate the angles of his face a lot more favourably than can be seen on screen. As such, photographs of Mr Radcliffe have always elicited a very unnatural growl from me, but very few as much as these pictures from his Essential Homme spread. I know I’m a bit late with this one, but hot damn toast and jam! I just could not not bring attention to these.

Daniel Radcliffe’s smouldering sexiness aside (but not too far aside) the article itself is really good read. It isn’t very long, but it continues to showcase just how wise this guy’s thinking is. This is what he had to say on breaking free from the Harry Potter character:

All of the projects I get involved in begin with a fascination with the story. I can’t work within the mindset of ‘Will this script get me further away from Harry Potter?’ or ‘Will this play make people see me differently?’ because I don’t have any control over any of that. All I can do is make the kind of films that I would want to see as an audience member.

So very well said! While I completely understand the frustration that some actors must feel when they’ve been typecast, especially as a result of a huge blockbuster franchise, I think some of them go out of their way to prove that they’re more than just this one role. Some have shown actual aggression in these instances. The thing is though, people will always identify entertainers with specific roles, if these roles are iconic or wildly popular. In Daniel Radcliffe’s instance, he brought the role of Harry Potter to life when he was kid, and the series ended with him as an adult… literally his entire adolescent life was spent playing the role of Harry Potter. It would next to impossible for people to completely detach him from this role, and it would be moronic of him to expect otherwise.

That said, I do think that he has been doing an amazing job choosing roles outside of the sphere of Hogwarts, and they have been incredibly varied and well-acted.

Ok, enough words. Check out some more pics from the spread, and get Essential Homme.

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 2

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 6

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 1

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 5

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 7

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 4

Daniel Radcliffe Essential Homme 3

6 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe’s Wisdom Is Overshadowed Only By His Sexiness In Essential Homme Magazine”

    1. Deal! Deal 110%! If you wanna talk about actors who’s never really done it for me…
      I actually think he’s a great actor and I adored him in Remember Me, but the Pattinator has just never been my cup of tea… even in his Harry Potter/ Cedric Diggory days. So yeah… I’ll definitely take that suitcase, Banker! Deal!


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