American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 2 “Massacres and Matinees”: My Unsolicited Review


American Horror Story is definitely trying to rev up the creepiness and frightening factor this season and, so far though I still have no idea where the story is going, I do think they’re succeeding.

This week’s episode managed to continue from last week’s without any major new developments. After Jimmy’s murder of the police officer, more cops showed up at the freak show, looking for evidence.

Twisty the clown is continuing his almost random string of murders. Although, I suppose it may not be that random, considering his latest victim was a toy store owner, and he subsequently brought one of the toys for his hostage “son.” One of the biggest developments with his story is that he seems to have gotten a new and overly enthusiastic companion in the form of Dandy Mott, who was earlier turned away by Jimmy when Dandy expressed his interest in being a part of the freak show. Dandy, up til this point, has been showcased as nothing more than a bored, spoiled immature man-child. But, now, we are beginning to see a far more sinister side to him. It began when the Motts’ housekeeper/cook, Nora (Patti Labelle), pointed out to Mrs Motts that the fur and teeth from the animals that Dandy had been torturing and dismembering may bring unwanted attention from neighbours, who may think that he has something to do with the recent murders. However, despite Mrs Motts crying that Dandy is simply bored, his later alliance with Twisty the clown proves completely otherwise. When she is finally able to dislodge a sturdy piece of wood from their cage, Twisty’s captured “wife” almost guaranteed their freedom with a not-so-solid-but-good-enough blow to his head. She and the little boy both flee, but their escape is hindered when Dandy shows up and brings them right back to Twisty. I know that it’s illogical to hate a fictional character, but the harm that I would have done to this guy had he been real!

The freak show saw an addition of two new members: Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett), a three-breasted hermaphrodite, and her husband, Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis), a man of uncanny strength. Being a freak must be a hereditary attribute, because we soon learn that Dell is actually the errant father of Jimmy, chased away when he once tried to kill Jimmy as an infant for being a loud freak of nature. It’s like the Twilight Zone version of the X-Men. Despite being a newbie, and an employee of Elsa, Dell soon asserts himself as the head of the freak show carnival, implementing rules and policies independently of Elsa. He’s also got a wicked temper, as evidenced when he beat Jimmy to a pulp for trying to get the other freaks out in public. A plan later devised by Jimmy and Elsa to plant the badge of the police officer whom Jimmy murdered in Dell’s caravan so that the police may find it and take the brute away fails miserably when Dell witnesses Jimmy going into his trailer, and puts the badge in Meep’s room instead. I mean, come on! For someone who’s supposedly spent his entire life hiding his freakish lobster hands so that others won’t see it, Jimmy is really an idiot if he doesn’t know that the cardinal rule of sneaking into anywhere is to that you first look around to ensure that no one sees you. UGH!

Meep’s detainment in prison leads to the rest of the inmates ganging up on and consequently killing him. His lifeless body is then returned to the camp and dumped at Jimmy’s feet. From this moment, we can tell that an indelible line has been drawn and an impending war is inevitable.







7 thoughts on “American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 2 “Massacres and Matinees”: My Unsolicited Review”

  1. Twisty makes me want to cry. I agree I don’t see much happening in terms of storytelling but visually it’s always such a stunning yet scary show with its use of prosthetics and groovy soundtrack and I am enjoying the characters so much more this season.

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    1. Oh, this team has got the visuals for this show down to a science! They know exactly how to execute a scene so that the viewer gets the most profound experience, no doubt about that. So, I definitely agree.

      The characters haven’t really grown on me as yet. But, to be fair, I thought the same thing initially for Asylum, but then having Lily Rabe play the part of a demonically possessed nun was a stroke of genius, so there’s still a lot of time for my mind to change for this season. Then again, I may just be biased, because personally I think it’s incredibly tough for any character to top last season’s Supreme, Fiona.


      1. Coven was fantastic wasn’t it? I agree there have been some really strong characters so it’s going to be hard to top;
        I was super excited to see Miss Patti Le Belle in episode two, looking forward to seeing what happens to her character and think I have a soft spot for the freaks but that orgy they showed in the opening season via the projector really freaked me out :0.


    1. I know, and I feel incredibly guilty about that! I’ve been dealing with and handling a few things, but I’ll be back in full force in a couple of days. Thanks for checking in, love.


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