Male Rape is Just As Horrific as Female Rape

Gay Date Rape

As most of you know, I like to use this blog to highlight a lot of stuff that I enjoy and that make me happy. However, every once in a while, this place is also where I come to vent and be all preachy, and unfortunately for those of you who decide to keep reading, this is one of those times.

A few days ago I was browsing through someone’s tumblr. It’s one of those that I’ve visited before and, although some posts are a bit more explicit than really necessary, I mostly enjoy it. Now, I understand that tumblr is the most elevated platform of self-expression on the internet, so it often hosts a lot of dark and twisted shit. However, there are just as many tumblr pages (if not more) that offer awesome and lovely material. The page in question evidently hosts both types of content, and it is easy enough for me to scroll past the more graphic posts to focus on those that I deem cute, adorable or sometimes sexy… until now. During my last visit to the page, there were far too many posts of near-naked or fully-naked men which housed captions like “How did I not rape him” or “The roofies kicked in; time to rape!”

The hell?!

Am I the only one who realises how vile this is?! We have reached a consensus as a society (at least we, the decent individuals) that rape of women is a disgusting and unforgivable act! It is the lowest scum of the earth who rape women, followed closely by those who justify and/or excuse the act. Very often, gay men are among the most outraged by it and we are more vocal than our heterosexual counterparts. Should this same outrage – this same mentality – not be used for other men? Why do we behave like the rape of men is more easily excused than that of women and, while women should be scarred for the rest of their lives, men should just get over it and appreciate the fact that they got laid?

The sexual exploitation of any person, of any age, of any gender, and of any sexual orientation when consent is not given is WRONG! Even “joking” about it like those posts did (if you can even call that a joke) is outrageous and despicable. Had these same jokes been made about unconscious or sleeping females, I am sure that very many people would get to the FBI like, “Well, I didn’t get you the jerk off who leaked those J-Law nude selfies… but get a look at this guy!” and rightfully so! However, because these comments were made about muscular, handsome men, we think of it as all in good fun, evident by the number of times that these posts were reblogged, and the number of notes attached to them.

This double-standard is so disheartening that it borders on depressing. Perhaps those who are culpable never really stayed and thought about it in this way. If you are reading this and, like them, never saw it in that light, I implore you to realise it now. The glorification or indifference towards anything related to rape is sick and must not be condoned!

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