The Imagery of “Love Me Harder” Is Incredibly Misogynistic

This is going to be one of my very rare, super short posts. I literally just got done seeing this video for the first time, and felt the need to share a single thought with you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever published an Ariana Grande post before, save perhaps the Women Dominate Today’s Music Charts post. I quite love Ariana Grande… she’s got a phenomenal voice, she was adorable as Cat on Nickelodeon, and she has a sassy no-bs attitude that she often whips out on social media to very deserving trolls. That said… I’m not loving this video.

“Love Me Harder” is a duet sung by Ariana and The Weeknd (born: Abel Tesfaye), affirming the need for their lover to (you guessed it) love them harder, in order for them to stay. It’s an okay song… nothing really to scream about. But my issue is with the video. Have a look at it and see what I’m talking about. Although both Ariana Grande and The Weeknd are singing about literally the same thing, the situations in which they are both put couldn’t be more different.

While The Weeknd is done up in dark colors, walking down a solitary hallway (both appropriate for the theme of the song), Ariana Grande is dressed up in revealing, form-fitting clothes, writhing on a floor… when, of course, she isn’t caressing her legs and breasts.

Now, you guys know that I am the last person to ever slut-shame someone, or chastise a female for embracing and showcasing their body and sexuality. I’ve written sufficient posts to applaud such moves. I applaud them, however, when they’re done by a woman of her own volition. When it is being done for the entertainment value of viewers, especially when compared with the stark contrasting image of a man, it just comes off as misogynistic and vile. I won’t even go into the message that this sends to the millions of young girls who positively worship Ariana Grande. Honestly, I’m not trying to drum up negativity and drama where there isn’t any.

I really just want to ask… was this necessary?

3 thoughts on “The Imagery of “Love Me Harder” Is Incredibly Misogynistic”

    1. Aha! But you’ve quite hit the nail on the head, haven’t you? That’s exactly what they’re suggesting – that she’s either great in bed or she’s at least willing to try anything… which is so far removed from the actual context of the song that it’s mind-boggling. Even if they were to argue that it’s only being done to add entertainment value to the video, then why is she the only one being made to do it? Why not have the guy grab his junk and smack his ass in the name of entertainment?

      But ps, there’s no doubt in my mind that you really are!

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      1. So ridiculous, especially given that she’s a young, young woman, and that she’s a role model for younger women/girls. It’s the DIsney curse…they break away and have to show everyone how much they’ve “grown”.

        PS…That’s because I take advice from gay men…they know where it’s at. 🙂

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