Taylor Swift Releases “Blank Space” Music Video

Blank Space is probably my favourite track on Taylor Swift’s 1989, and that’s really saying something, because this album is chock-full of amazing songs. When I found out that it was going to be her next single, I was fanboying all over the place because I couldn’t wait to see the video! Well, it is here, and I am not even slightly disappointed!

“Blank Space” is about the very beginning stages of a relationship. Taylor sings to her potential new beau that she’s fully aware it may not work out for longer than a month, as her “long list of ex-lovers” proves, but she’s still willing to take a chance to see how it ends (up). It’s pretty much the most stereotypical image of Taylor Swift but, in all honesty, isn’t it what we all do for new relationships?

In the video, Taylor is paired with 25 year old model, Sean O’Pry, and the two make a beautiful couple until it all goes to hell. It’s a beautiful and hilariously made video, filled with a ton of opulence, and even more crazy. What I love most about it is that Taylor Swift seems to be intentionally using all the negative perceptions about her to her advantage in this. While I don’t actually believe that she is as unfazed about all the gossip about her as she tries to show, she has a wonderful knack for poking fun not just at herself, but at the image of herself that so many people have.

This, I think, is a great quality that a lot of us should adopt. Hell, people are going to think and say what they want about you, anyway. Why not have fun with all of it?

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