Channing Tatum Covers Esquire Magazine

Channing Tatum Esquire Cover

How about we continue our streak of beautiful men covering popular magazines? I’ve got to say that I’m sincerely surprised that this is my very first Channing Tatum post! Granted, I’ve spoken on multiple occasions of Magic Mike, and various actors in it, but I’ve never written about the actual creator and inspiration of the movie… go figure.

Channing Tatum covers the latest issue of Esquire Magazine.The article is a good one if you’re dying to read about Channing Tatum’s movie star status but, like pretty much all Esquire articles, be prepared for a lot of flowery language and excessive verbiage.

Channing seems like a great guy, and I’m all for treating him with the same respect afforded to anyone else. But let’s be real – a lot of the popularity surrounding him has to do with Magic Mike, which means we’re arguably a lot more interested in watching him naked than actually reading about him. In this spirit, therefore, feast your eyes on his Esquire spread.

Channing Tatum Esquire 1

Channing Tatum Esquire 2

Channing Tatum Esquire 3

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