Rejection Just May Be A Blessing


I hate rejection. I mean, who doesn’t right? But I have a special fear and hatred of being rejected. All my life, I’ve done everything I possibly could to ensure that I would never – or at least hardly ever – have to endure this awful feeling. I got great grades at school, which made all teachers like me; I never involved myself in conversations which didn’t directly involve me, and I was always super polite to pretty much everyone I met. Even to this day, I totally avoid dating and putting myself out there romantically. Now, I don’t want to sound vain but if I’m being completely honest, based on my looks, rejection in the dating world would never really have been an issue. Still, the idea that it could possibly exist was enough for me to avoid it. Who knows? Maybe it’s an ego thing… maybe it’s an insecurity thing. But, whatever it was, it was strong enough to keep me sufficiently reserved it – and that always worked for me now.

Flash forward to today and I find myself in a really unpleasant situation, pursuing something where rejection is an inherent and unavoidable part of the industry. Everything in me is screaming at me to stop pursuing this – and let me just tell you, “everything in me” is like a hormonal diva, so having it scream at you is a shrill and shitty sound. The crappiest part is that I’ve been (and still am, really) tempted to listen.

Now, sometimes in our lives, we have to pause and point out to ourselves when we’re being a goddamn idiot, and this is one of those times for me. Yeah, rejection sucks. It’s demotivating… it’s humiliating… it’s pretty much the emotional equivalent of getting kicked in the junk. The thing is, though, it’s also a part of this wretched, wonderful, terrible, awesome, pitiful, amazing, scary, crazy, beautiful thing called life. And, for me to have expected to never experience it was either really arrogant… or really stupid… or maybe both.

This is what I want to do. This is what I’ve always wanted to do. And if I let this go, just because I don’t want to hear people tell me “no”, then I don’t deserve to do it – and that, for me, is unacceptable! And the same goes to anyone reading this. We will face rejection; just like we sometimes do the rejecting. It doesn’t mean that we should give up. Whether we’re rejected by someone that we’re attracted, a job that we want, a friend, a family member, whatever the case may be… hearing “no” surprisingly doesn’t make the world end.

I think we put to much emphasis on always getting our way to really appreciate the good it does to sometimes face rejection or failure. Because, if you keep at it, in spite of hearing “no” – even, and especially if it’s a hundred times – it only makes that moment when you hear “yes” all the more rewarding.

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