Chris Hemsworth is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

Chris Hemsworth People Cover

Happy Post #1:

As one Hemsworth covers a popular magazine, another Hemsworth covers another. People Magazine recently titled Chris Hemsworth their sexiest man of 2014. I mean, duh! He might not necessarily have been my first choice (what’s up, Chris Pratt?) but am I upset at the decision? Hell no!

Unlike a recent cover story that I posted about, People know what we want, and the feature with Chris isn’t wordy, and packed with pictures. Even though it isn’t a very long article, it’s still quite illuminating and pretty entertaining to boot.

Like pretty much all the “Sexiest Men” before him, Chris Hemsworth claims that he found the news to be “funny”.

My wife did too. I think you’ve bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house. I can just say to her, “Now, remember, this is what the people think, so I don’t need to do the dishes anymore – I’m above that. I’ve made it now.

He also claims that he is sick of his hair… a trait which Thor has arguably made as famous as his muscles. Naturally, there’s the expected gushing over his wife (who, with him, makes a gorgeous couple by the way) and his kids. It really is a good piece.

Oh, and FYI (and this was news to me also) he also lasted 6 weeks on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars. He says, to him, that because of that, he could never become “overly serious and self-important and pretentious.” It says to me that homeboy can move… do with that imagery as you see fit.

People is out on newsstands now.

Chris Hemsworth People 1

Chris Hemsworth People 2

Chris Hemsworth People 3

Chris Hemsworth People 4

Chris Hemsworth People 5

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