Daniel Franzese Twerking Was Something I Didn’t Know I Needed in My Life


Happy Post #3

Remember that time I posted about Daniel Franzese and Adrian Anchondo’s hilarious parody of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”? Well, the boys are back with another parody, this time of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. Now, as much as I love Taylor Swift and “Shake It Off” (I swear to you, it is coincidentally playing as I write this) there are far too many covers and spoofs of the song. If we never have to see another one, it wouldn’t be too soon.

That said, if we do have to bring it to an end, we should do so with Daniel Franzese’s version. In all honesty, it isn’t particularly clever (or as funny as the “Stay With Me” parody) but it does show Daniel Franzese twerking… and, yes please!

Now, I’ve never once looked at Daniel Franzese and thought to myself, “I need to see this man shake his butt” like I may or may not do for other actors (What’s up, Chris Pratt?) but this video has definitely shown me the error of my ways. Homeboy can twerk, and that booty spoke to me!

If you don’t share in my questionable idea of twerk fantasies, Franzese and Anchondo’s video features a very brief cameo by Russell Tovey (hot damn, thank you ma’am!) and there’s no way that you can ever go wrong with Russell Tovey!


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