The Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank Is Equal Parts Funny & Awful

Happy post #2

There’s been a fair amount of Oscar buzz recently surrounding Jennifer Aniston’s new film, Cake. Well, I say to hell with Cake! The performance in this video right here is all the I need to tell me that this woman needs her Oscar.

The cast of Horrible Bosses 2 have been making the rounds, promoting the movie. While doing just that, Jennifer Aniston was interviewed by BBC 1’s Chris Stark. For those of you who have watched the first Horrible Bosses, you would know that Jennifer’s character is sex-obsessed, depraved nutjob whose primary goal in life is to bed her dental assistant, Dale (Charlie Day). In keeping up with this theme, Chris Stark was required to ask Jennifer Aniston questions related to her character’s less than savory traits, but in relation to her real life persona. What Stark was unaware of was that Jennifer Aniston was first asked to pretend to be greatly insulted by the questions, and make her displeasure obvious.

The thing is, some of the questions were, indeed stupid (the link between a sexually-forward woman and her desire to be connected to Fifty Shades of Grey is lost on me) but they weren’t so inappropriate to cause such an awkward atmosphere in an otherwise normal interview.

Jennifer Aniston, however, treated each question like they were personal attacks on her character, and her facial expressions really drove it home, making for an incredibly cringe-worthy interview. I genuinely felt bad for the guy, having to sit there, realising that your interview is going to Hell but trying to maintain a light and professional setting. When they revealed to him that it was all just a prank, I swear he almost dissolved in tears.

Was it mean? Yeah, very likely. But that doesn’t make it any less of a happy post!

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