We Still Have Reasons to Smile


So, our morning has been inundated with reports of a disgusting – but totally predictable – miscarriage of justice, and it is immensely depressing. A few months ago, I made a “Happy Post” day when I couldn’t deal with the ugly news stories that we were faced with, and I can’t imagine a better time to create a new one. We’re going to get sufficient attacks of this Ferguson tragedy around us: on the internet, television, Facebook, Twitter feeds, you name it… one fewer place to have to see it might not be that bad. Now, this isn’t me trying to trivialise or minimise the extent of the coverage of this newest insult to Michael Brown’s memory. In fact, I believe that we should be seeing people calling this verdict out; almost half a century after the Civil Rights Movement and we have to fear that our African American kids will be the next Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown… almost half a century after the Civil Rights Movements and African Americans have to fear that they will be gunned down without their perpetrator being penalised. So, no, this isn’t me trivialising the issue. This is simply me trying to remind us that even in this world full of shitty events and shittier people, there are still some things to smile at.

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