Let’s Give Thanks for People Magazine’s “Men of the Year” List

People Sexy At Every Age

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I sincerely hope that you guys are too busy having a super awesome time with your loved ones today to even be on the blog today! However, for those of you who need a distraction from some weird uncle who won’t stop telling awful jokes, or that annoying cousin who’s furiously taking photos of everything to post on their Instagram (#thanksgiving #turkey #stuffing #family #blessed #pilgrims #desperateforattention #needtohaveaseatandstfu), I’ve got you covered.

To be honest, this post isn’t exactly Thanksgiving-related, but we never need a legit excuse to look at pictures of hott guys, (What’s up, Chris Pratt), do we?

As we all know, People magazine recently revealed that Chris Hemsworth is their “Sexiest Man Alive. While the honour was a much deserved one, there is no doubt that there are several other guys that it could have gone to, and we all would have been in agreement.

People Magazine obviously thought the same thing, and therefore decided to the most sales-oriented morally right thing, and made the same issue a “Double Issue” (whatever the hell that is, because it isn’t like a “single” issue ever only has one particular topic). In this double issue, People decided that they should provide us with several other lust-worthy great lists of sexy men in the industry. Andy Cohen PeopleOne of the cutest lists was titled “Love Me, Love My Dog”, and featured different celebrities posing with their pooch. Let me just say that ordinarily, Andy Cohen is already hott, but Andy Cohen lying in bed, cuddling a sleeping dog, while wearing a tank top just about made me… um, let’s say “smile”.

But I digress!

Our real focus right now is People’s “Men of the Year” list, which honestly does feature some pretty good choices. It’s kind of a lengthy list, so I’m only going to focus on a few of our favourites, and we’ll briefly take a look at some of their achievements this past year.

Chris Pratt People
Chris Pratt

I mean, really, I could just type “Chris Pratt” and end this section right there! It seems like we couldn’t go half a day without hearing someone mention his name, which of course we all should be thankful for. Some of Chris’ most note-worthy achievements of the year include: starring role in Oscar and Golden Globe-winning Zero Dark Thirty; voice role in hugely successful The Lego Movie; co-starring role in Oscar-nominated Her; starring role in mega-Blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Really, though, all of this seemed secondary to the dramatic weight loss that Chris underwent for his roles in Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy. Indeed, everyone seemed far giddier with his new physique than anything else, to the point that it almost bordered on insulting. Almost.

Charlie Hunnam People
Charlie Hunnam

Ah, Charlie, we meet again. With his hit show, Sons of Anarchy, coming to an end, should we be worried that we won’t be seeing much of the delicious Mr Hunnam anymore? No chance in Hell! Charlie has already admitted that, out of fear that he’d fall into a depression after the end of Sons, he has already begun work on several projects, some of which revolves behind the camera as much is it does in front of it. Some of his achievements this past year include: starring role in Box Office gold, Pacific Rim (well, it was a bit over a year ago, but who cares?); completion of the long-running hit show, Sons of Anarchy; cause of a huge unnecessary media and national frenzy with the announcement that he was cast in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey, and just as much when he announced that he was no longer involved. That’s Charlie Hunnam for you; always keeping us guessing.

Kit Harrington People
Kit Harrington

How is it that I’ve never written a post on Kit Harrington? The man is just so… *sigh*.  Have you ever heard him speak outside of Game of Thrones? *swoon*. The thing is, Jon Snow has got such a gravelly (often whiny) voice on the show, that I’d always associated that same voice with Kit Harrington; when I actually heard him speak in interviews, he immediately had me and I never looked back. Achievements: another super successful season of Game of Thrones; starring role in Pompeii (which honestly did not do too well at the box office, but still allowed him a platform outside his famous character); introduction as the face of Jimmy Choo; and he will always have the boasting right of being the descendant of John Harrington, the inventor of the flush toilet!

Matt Bomer People
Matt Bomer

Well, I’ve definitely written about Matt Bomer before; again…  and again. Funny enough, I was only just mentioning to a friend of mine yesterday that I refuse to believe that Matt Bomer is not the most physically beautiful man on the planet. Seriously, it hurts to look at him sometimes. Matt is one of those fortunate actors who has been able to flawlessly move interchangeably from television to movies. Some of his achievements include: wrapping up of his successful television show, White Collar; filming of Channing Tatum’s instant classic stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL; poignant co-starring role in Larry Kramer’s Ryan Murphy-directed film, The Normal Heart, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination; and the announcement that he will be portraying legendary actor, Montgomery Clift, in the upcoming flick, Monty Clift. I don’t want to sound biased or anything, but Matt Bomer is obviously perfect and can do no wrong and is the embodiment of awesomeness. But, you know, no bias.

Like I said, there were quite a few others on the list, and I’ve got to give it to People for knowing exactly what it is that we the people want.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Give Thanks for People Magazine’s “Men of the Year” List”

  1. I’ve been dying to comment on this since you posted it Thursday, but just haven’t been around a keyboard (and HATE typing on my iPad). Oh woe is me!! LOL!

    Anywho! First of all – I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

    That being said, let’s start with what I’ve been dying to say about this since you posted it … and it’s not even about who I like best, or Eric Northman! Can you stand it?

    OK, here goes:

    SERIOUSLY, could the editors of this article NOT find headshots of those last two men WITHOUT hats?! They stick out like sore thumbs on that headshot list. It’s annoying me to no end.

    And to make matters worse, one of the offenders is Prince. Really?! I mean, I’m from Minnesota, and even I wouldn’t put him on a sexy men list. With or without hat. Sorry to say. (I mean, did you see him on SNL the other week? Talk about a hot fashion mess.)

    That being said, lists like this have the ability to make me somehow feel amazing old and young all at once.

    Old: Josh Hutcherson – wow, he’s really only 22? Ugh – I should not fantasize about boys that are 10+ years younger than me.

    Young: Anziz Ansari is only 31?! I’m older than he is?! WHAAA???!!! I thought for sure he was like 35 or older. I definitely look more youthful than he does.

    And as an aside: I also cannot believe that Lenny is 50 and Jared is 42. Wow. They carry their age well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL I just laughed myself to death, then resurrected just so that I could die at this comment again!

    First off, let me speak no ill against anyone, but in terms of the whole Prince thing, IKR!! UGH! And it isn’t even entirely physical, either. This whole YouTube lawsuit thing made him all kinds of gross in my eyes. Then the whole Jehovah’s Witness superiority thing… just ugh!

    As for Tim McGraw with the hat… I get it. It’s his thing, you know? I mean, if I wanted to see Tim McGraw without his hat, I’d watch The Blind Side.

    I have this really moronic prejudice against guys younger than I am (even if the age difference is hardly noticeable like with Josh Hutcherson) but for him, I would any which way on any which day!

    Aziz Ansari’s age doesn’t really surprise me, actually? Do you really think he looks older? I’d never really thought about it. And I knew about Lenny and Jared. Jared Leto… I just cannot with this unaging vampire voodoo that he’s got going on.


    1. Ok, ok. I know. I should be more kind. Maybe I need to tone down the snark. 😀

      With the cowboy hat, yeah – I get it. He’s a cowboy. He wears a hat. I’ll give you that. For Prince though … still no. So for the sake of uniformity, I still think everyone should be hats off. Just my OCD kicking in.

      And on an interesting side note – Prince likes his religion only when it’s convenient for him. (Read: he def does NOT turn down the ladies, if you know what I’m sayin’).

      All others aside, you nailed it on Jared and his vampire voodoo. How does he STILL look like he did in My So-Called Life?! I watched that show in JR HIGH – AND HE STILL LOOKS THE SAME DAMN WAY!! (With slightly more hair, of course).


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