Nick Jonas’ First Nude Scene is Upon Us

Nick Jonas Flaunt 3

Whomever it was that convinced Nick Jonas to audition for Kingdom deserves next year’s Nobel Sexy Prize, and if there’s no such thing, then it needs to be created just for them!

By now, I’m pretty sure that it’s no secret to any of you that I’m all kinds of obsessed with DirecTV’s Kingdom. In fact, I wouldn’t blame you if you were quite sick of me talking about it. But… oops!

Since his emergence as a solo artist and serious actor, Nick Jonas has been on a non-stop tour to prove to us that he’s an adult, and no longer a Disney card-carrying, purity ring-wearing, teeny-bop-catering adolescent. This no doubt meant that nudity was right around the corner. Since recent history has shown us that this usually occurs within the framework of leaked pictures or sex tapes, props to Nick for going about it in a more artistic method.

The latest episode of Kingdom gifted us with Nick Jonas FINALLY in the buff in yet another sex scene. Granted, it’s mostly a side view and this may not be that big a deal to many people, but to those of us who have been mesmerised by this guy’s derriere for the past few years, this has been a long, long, very long, too long time coming.

Nick Jonas Butt

Before Kingdom first aired, Nick had teased that his character might not be totally straight, and I believe that this is what first started the sudden escalating gay attention around him. In an earlier episode of Kingdom, we saw Nick falling for and ultimately hooking up with his female physical therapist, so I’d pretty much just assumed that his bisexual teasing was just hokum to garner ratings for the show. However, a couple of episodes ago first hinted that he might have been telling the truth after all, when an obviously gay character from his old high school made not-so-subtle advances towards him. Though Nate (Nick Jonas’ character) was quick to rebuff him, very likely because his brother and mother were present, it was implied that there was some sort of history between the two of them.

In last week’s episode, Nate once again hooked up with another girl; however, it was obvious that there was an element of him forcing himself to enjoy it. My initial thought was that he was just trying to convince himself that he was actually straight – understandably, as this actually happens all the time in reality. However, after his mother came home and walked in on them doing the act (in the living room, no less), she made a comment to Nate’s sweetheart about Nate knowing that she would soon be showing up, I understood that Nate was trying to convince someone of his sexuality alright… but it wasn’t himself.

Considering this show’s central theme of machismo and testosterone-fuelled violence, it’s impressive – albeit surprising – that they’ve decided to explore sexual orientation with one of the lead characters. Then again, I’ve already spoken of the powerful natures that the writers have attributed to the women of the series, so perhaps it isn’t that surprising after all. It’s funny where progress and open-mindedness sometimes emerge, isn’t it?


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