My American Horror Story Viewing Experience


Can a show be bipolar? Seriously, this season of American Horror Story has me genuinely pondering this question. Since the beginning of Freak Show, I’ve sort of been on a see-saw of interest. One week’s episode will leave me pumped to see what happens next, and the next episode just leaves me feeling kinda meh. You may have noticed that I’ve stopped reviewing the show for a few weeks now, because it had just gotten exhausting trying to keep up. Perhaps this has nothing to do with the show at all, and is entirely my fault. I won’t deny that my expectations before the season started were so high that the good God above, himself, could have probably seen it from his porch. And it isn’t like I’m not enjoying the show. I just feel that the show is a bit all over the place – like I’d predicted from episode one – and it’s still sort of hard to establish a primary plot. The show still, however, has many redeeming points and I’d like to keep putting up some of the more GIF-worthy moments. So, this week, I’m going to focus less on a specific episode and instead mention a few points that I really enjoy.

  1. DANDY!! Since AHS’ inception, my favourite characters have been played by Jessica Lange… especially so in the second and third seasons. In Freak Show, however, this title has absolutely shifted to Dandy, the callous, unfeeling sociopath in sharp clothes. Finn Wittrock, I believe, is doing a fantastic job in portraying the Patrick Bateman-esque serial killer with killer serial charm. Dandy is one of those characters whom I love enough to want to see more of every single week, yet hate enough to already be anticipating his demise – and that’s quite a feat to pull off.
  2. The overall acting. Despite my judgement of the quality of the plot – at least thus far – the acting on the show has remained (for the most part) in line with what we’ve come to expect from AHS. The primary exception, in my opinion, has been Gabourey Sidibe, who usually dominates whichever role that she’s given. Somehow, though, her Regina character was not great, and I unfortunately wasn’t terribly aggrieved to see her go.
  3. The vast amounts of male nudity and gay subplots. Now, I understand that this particular situation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a goddamn Lipton party for me! If awareness is supposed to increase tolerance, then Ryan Murphy seems to be doing his darnedest to have a homophobia-free world by the end of Freak Show. Granted, there are some gay scenes which are less than savoury (Matt Bomer’s murder, Denis O’Hare’s stroking of his “freak” penis) but the show can otherwise keep them coming! Let me just take this moment to point out how adorable I think Stanley’s prostitute lover (played by Michael Murray) is. His “But I like puppies” line just about killed me.

We’ve still got a few more episodes to go before the season ends, so there’s no doubt time for some great developments. Whatever those may be, they’d just better make up for killing off Frances Conroy!











4 thoughts on “My American Horror Story Viewing Experience”

  1. Hooray for minimal spoilers, because I haven’t watched the last two weeks’ episodes yet. (I did say “oh shit” about a few of the GIFs above, though. Hee-hee.) And yes, I’ve been a little on the busy side, but mostly it’s because I’m not all that entranced with this season’s story line. I think you and I are on the same wave length about this show. I had huge expectations for this season, and I’m not getting the big wow I was expecting. But like I’ve said before, I think it’s the show’s base story. All the other seasons were more magical (ghosts, witches, possession) … I’m less inclined to be excited about a plot that focuses mostly on a serial killer, I guess.


    1. Oh, dammit! Now I feel like a giant turd for ruining things for you because some of those GIFs were pretty spoilery!

      To be honest, I can’t even hold it against you for being so behind, because I totally get it. But I think you’re right… the fact that they’ve strayed so far away from the supernatural gives the show an entirely different feel.


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