Shaun T Covers Men’s Health

Shaun T Men's Health Cover

I’ve lost track of the number of Men’s Health pieces that I’ve published here. I think, though, that it’s pretty safe to assume that I like the magazine. It’s motivating, there are tons of hott guys in there, and the articles are usually to the point and enjoyable, unlike Esquire other magazines. That said, Men’s Health does have a tendency to be a bit heterocentric, made blindingly obvious by their countless covers claiming to know how to get you laid faster and better by this chick you’ve been eyeing. This isn’t, of course, necessarily a bad thing, as the target market for the publication is heterosexual male gym enthusiasts.

That’s why I was surprised, impressed and pleased to realize that the latest Men’s Health cover features Shaun T, openly gay inventor of the now infamous workout program, Insanity.

Let me just say that I tried Insanity for a few weeks, and Shaun T needs to go jump off a cliff for ever having thought of this concept. This program, though undeniably able to provide a sense of well-deserved accomplishment if you’re able to complete it, is pure evil and needs to be shut down by the Federal Bureau of I Can’t With This Shit!

Still, my disdain and perpetual side-eye for the sadistic Shaun T was put on hold in honour of his Men’s Health cover. Of course, the entire piece was about the new Insanity program, and didn’t really focus on his personal life, but I still really liked the idea that this testosterone-driven publication was able to look past sexual orientation, and focus instead of the hard work and physical prowess of their honourees. And Shaun T does it all in his wedding ring, no less!

Kudos to Men’s Health. Get your copy.

Shaun T Men's Health 1  Shaun T Men's Health 3

Shaun T Men's Health 4  Shaun T Men's Health 2

5 thoughts on “Shaun T Covers Men’s Health”

  1. Aw yeah, INSANITY! I just finished a 6 week pseudo session (classes at 5:30 AM on Tuesday/Thursday).

    Plus side – my cardio capacity is DEFINATELY up.

    Minus side – I end up eating non stop all day after, I am SO HUNGRY! Not good when the holiday cookie trays are circulating the office… 😦


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