True New Year’s Resolutions Are Never Silly

Rainbow Fireworks

Happy New Year! And I mean that sincerely. I absolutely hope that this new year is a truly happy one for you, more so than last year, no matter how 2014 turned out for you. I’ve been away from the blogging world for a bit and, although an awful schedule and extremely busy season were initially to blame, my distance from the blog eventually became intentional.

I love this site, I love doing it, and I love what I put out, but I needed to give it a temporary rest. The idea was to detach myself a bit, and then start afresh in 2015. That I did… starting with my domain name! I’ve finally knocked some sense into my own damn self, and registered the blog as as opposed to I’d been thinking about it for a while but a couple of factors held me back. For one, despite my viewership growing so much since I started the blog in the first quarter of 2014, I kept holding on to the idea that this should be a small, intimate blog, and somehow the inclusion of “” in the domain name made me feel that way. I thought, perhaps stupidly, that by registering it as simply, the site would seem less cozy than I’d like. However, I think I’m making the right decision, and it’s a simple evolutionary step for both the blog and myself – change #1 for 2015.

I want you guys to do the same. This is the time for making changes and, although people have suddenly started bashing resolutions as silly, I couldn’t disagree more! I mean, don’t get me wrong: posting fifty million unrealistic and bullshit resolutions all over Facebook is nothing more than chasing after attention. But if there really is an area of your life, or of your character, that you really think needs changing, and you believe that it is within your power to change it, then I say go for it with everything that you have! After all, New Year’s Resolutions are nothing but our declaration to ourselves and to the Universe at the beginning of every calendar year that we recognise an area that requires improvement, and that we’re brave enough to seek this improvement out. Trust me, there will never be anything wrong or silly about genuine self-improvement.

So make those New Year’s Resolutions, and try your hardest to stick to them. Go hard on that improvement when you think you should, but go easy on yourself when you need to. You are, after all, only human, and you have to understand that change – particularly the good kind – takes time. Be patient. It took you goodness knows how long to settle into whatever state that you’re attempting to change; understand that improving this state may take just as long. The fact that you’ve decided to work on it at all is reason enough to feel proud of yourself.

If you will allow me to give you any advice as 2015 begins, it would be this: be good to yourself. Be good to others. Look for the positive in every situation – especially those that may seem not have any (trust me, they do). Smile. Spread happiness. And above all else, love. Love like your very survival depended on it. Love those around you, love the world, love your life… love yourself; sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do… but it’s always the most rewarding.

Happy 2015!

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