Joe Manganiello Covers Men’s Fitness

Joe Manganiello Men's Fitness Cover

Joe Manganiello has been on so many fitness magazine covers that, at this point, it’s more of a surprise when an issue comes out and he’s not featured at the front. Starting the year (off right), Men’s Fitness has decided to place Joe – yet again – on their cover. The last time that Joe Manganiello was on the cover, he was sporting his awful Alcide werewolf hair, so it’s an immense improvement seeing him with his hair tamed this time.

Since he’s been featured in these sorts of articles so often, they’ve become somewhat repetitive, and this latest one reads not much differently than others that I’ve seen. He discusses his high-intensity, minimal-break workouts, the fact that he likes to keep in shape, and that it’s important that he does in between all the different projects that he undertakes. They’ve even shown the now infamous picture of him as a scrawny kid in a basketball jersey that has graced the pages of every one of these articles now.

The article does not include the fact that Joe and Sofia Vergara are now engaged, since this news was only released last week. Like pretty much everyone who isn’t blind, I think that they two of them make an incredibly beautiful couple, and it’s nice hearing that they’ve made each other so happy that they’re settling down together. If they have kids, though, it would probably be wise if the rest of us didn’t even try… seriously, our kids would never hit the genetic lottery like Manganiello-Vergara offspring.

Joe Manganiello Men's Fitness 1

Joe Manganiello Men's Fitness 2

Joe Manganiello Men's Fitness

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