Liam Hemsworth Is Lovely In Esquire

Liam Hemsworth Esquire Cover

Serving up some super hott hipster hobo realness, Liam Hemsworth is the feature attraction of Esquire Middle East’s January/February issue. I’ve taken quite a few jabs at Esquire’s flowery writing style in the past, but this particular article was a pretty good read.

If you remember, Liam covered Men’s Fitness recently, and the Men’s Fitness and Esquire articles pretty much discuss the same thing: his rise to stardom. Seriously, they both talk about his Hollywood experience in almost the exact same chronological fashion. Interestingly enough, though both articles use the exact same facts, they both read quite differently, thanks to the perspective of the article. While the Men’s Fitness article made it seem like Liam struggled against fate to get to where he was, painting his story as something of a lucky break inspiration, Esquire writes of Liam’s rise as almost flawless, a natural written-in-the-stars type of story.

I’d be willing to bet that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. While I don’t think Liam’s career has been quite the awe-inspiring, fought-to-be-achieved saga that Men’s Fitness depicted, I think Esquire’s easy-come approach may be too convenient as well. While I don’t know for certain, I’d wager that a fair balance of hard work and luck would be to thank for Liam’s success. This, I believe, holds true for anyone; while there’s no denying that good fortune and a right-place-at-the-right-time stroke of luck do wonders in our accomplishments, we have to work hard and diligently at whatever we undertake if we really want to see results.

I’d recommend getting a copy of Esquire Middle East if for no other reason than to appreciate just how lovely Liam comes across. I formerly admit immense admiration for him upon reading this quote that he gave to the magazine:

People are influenced by your words and I wanna have a positive effect on people and contribute to a more positive future.

This right here! This is how we should always think, and what we should always try to accomplish! We never know how a simple act of kindness on our part can sometimes do a world of good for someone else. Remember that, and try to live it every day.

Liam Hemsworth Esquire

Liam Hemsworth Esquire 2  Liam Hemsworth Esquire 3

Liam Hemsworth Esquire 4  Liam Hemsworth Esquire 5

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