Looking Season 2 Episode 8 “Looking for Glory”: My Unsolicited Review


Ah, Looking! This show deserves some sort of award for bringing the drama without actually being dramaful!

Patrick and Kevin are now officially a thing, a fact made painfully clear multiple times throughout this past episode! To be quite honest, I don’t really know how to feel about that. I know that there is a very divisive Team Kevin/Team Richie thing going on in the Looking fandom, but I’m not entirely sure where I stand.

 I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Kevin. I hate Kevin, so I’ve been sick of him from day one, but I love Russell Tovey so much that I wanted the character to always remain! Ok, maybe “hate” is a bit much… but I did feel like he was one of those have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too type of people. He wanted his stable, long-term boyfriend at home, but wanted his new, exciting relationship with Patrick on the side. However, we now find him making a choice to be with only Patrick, and I’m still not entirely fond of him. Perhaps this has less to do with him, and more to do with the fact that his boyfriend, John, was inevitably hurt during the process.

Richie, on the other hand (I’ve mentioned before), stole my heart from his very first appearance on the show. I’ve rooted for him since then, but his attitude towards Patrick after the wedding fiasco was a real letdown for me.

Flash forward, and both Patrick and Richie now have new boyfriends, both of whom obviously care deeply for their respective partner. That said, the unresolved feelings between Patrick and Richie are clear as day, and the eyes that they continuously make for each other make for very interesting viewing! I tell you, the drama is so real!

In this episode, Kevin and Patrick take their partnership (romantic and professional) to the GaymerX convention, where they debut their new gay vs gay trading card game, One Up Him. Unfortunately, their idea isn’t quite as appealing to the masses as it was to the two of them, and they find almost everyone arguing that their game does nothing but perpetuate moronic and harmful stereotypes within the gay community – which, let’s face it, it pretty much does.

To make matters worse, their romantic partnership isn’t as well-received either, when Richie and Brady turn up at the convention and learn of their new boyfriend status – not that Patrick didn’t initially try to hide it. Despite harping on Kevin that publicizing their new relationship is the best step for them, Patrick still clearly wanted to keep this bit of news from Richie, which was both funny and adorable.

Richie, for his part, is no fan of the news, and silently judges Patrick and Kevin throughout the night. Critiques of the show from season one have been complaining that the characters aren’t like anyone that they know in their lives (because, evidently, their friends comprise every single personality trait in the world). However, these characteristics and actions that these characters possess and display certainly seem like those of people that I know!

Dom didn’t have much of a storyline this week. His pop-up window is finally coming into existence but he’s coming face-to-face with the shocking reality that as his professional dreams are taking off, his personal links may be crashing. Doris, who has always been at his side – his hag, so to speak – is having a life of her own now with her new boyfriend, Malik… a life that does not always include Dom.

Agustín’s story was a little sensitive this week. On a mission to become a better person, his relationship with Eddie (Daniel Franzese) is progressing quite well. However, trouble rears its head (at least temporarily) when, during climax, Eddie accidentally ejaculates a little in Agustin’s eye, and the latter falls into a trench of worry, despite knowing that it is impossible to contract HIV from positive Eddie this way. Eddie realizes this and attempts to end the relationship, having been through the pain of dating guys who initially believe that they’re able to handle his illness, but later finding out that they aren’t. To Agustin’s credit, although this is a perfect out for him, he doesn’t take it, and admits that he did get freaked out a bit, but it wasn’t enough to have him walk away from Eddie. That was awesome! I’ve wondered a few times if I’d be able to date an HIV-positive guy – in this day and age, the thought kind of has to cross your mind at some point. I would really like to think that I would be able to, and I’m sure I would love him as fiercely as someone who didn’t have it, but it would be a blatant lie if I claimed that fear would never be an issue. In actual instances where this is the case, I don’t think that it makes the person bad or negatively judgemental… it only makes the person human.

I haven’t heard any news yet about renewal of the show for another season, but here’s hoping that HBO realizes the gem that they have on their hands and that they do the right thing!







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