Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Jason Momoa’s Sexiness


I watched Wolves a few days ago. I’d been putting it off for a while because the trailer just seemed god-awful! A few minutes into the movie and I’d all but decided that that was the truth – honestly, It looked like what I imagine a root canal feels like. I kept watching, though, and it turns out that the movie was actually pretty good. The execution wasn’t always great, and the CGI was laughable at best, but the actual story was really nice – for a geek like me, anyway – and the acting was mostly very well done.

This isn’t about Wolves, though. It’s about the delicious Jason Momoa, who was the reason I watched Wolves in the first place! While I was watching the movie, I realized something. I suppose that I’ve gotten so used to seeing Jason playing these savage roles like in Game of Thrones or Conan the Barbarian that I’d never noticed before that he’s actually very pretty. I mean, seriously, he’s got a very pretty face for such a brawny man’s man!

Either way, rugged or pretty, clothed or shirtless – though shirtless is always preferable – Jason Momoa is a beast of sexiness. Now that’s he’s been cast as Aquaman in upcoming DC movies, we’ll thankfully be seeing a whole lot more of him (wet and shirtless, hopefully). But until then, let’s take a moment to 


Jason Momoa See Through Shirt

Jason Momoa Men's Health

Jason Momoa


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