Elitosphere Turns 1!


So, WordPress was awesome enough to notify me that today is actually the one-year anniversary of the registration of the blog! I could hardly believe it! It seemed like only yesterday I was musing on Tom Daley coming out, never in a million years thinking that I’d have even a handful of people reading my insane ramblings! A year later, and my posts have clearly matured into ogling Hot Model Calendars, while my viewership has increased by leagues!

So, to all of you who who visit Elitosphere, whether just once or one my regular readers, thank you so very very much for taking the time to make this site a part of your day! Thank you for allowing me an audience who puts up with the landfill inside my head (no offense to actual landfills). Thank you for giving me a reason and an opportunity to share my thoughts and interests, knowing that it is being received. Sincerely, I love all of you more than a final contestant on The Bachelor(ette) loves the douchebag who is inevitably going to screw them over once that ABC check clears!

Here’s to another year of love, laughs and lustful images – yeah, I know what you like! Happy reading!

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