Nick Jonas Re-Releases “Chains” Music Video

Last July, I wrote about Nick Jonas launching his solo music career with his music video for the single “Chains”. In that post, I said that I thought the song was great but not so much the video. I thought that it was trying too hard to make Nick seem more mature, in an obvious bid to rid him of his former Disney/Jonas Brothers image. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the stuff I say is pure nonsense, but it seems that I may have been on to something at that time, because Nick has recently released a new video for the same song, this one far more fun and youthful.

Nick’s management and PR team have done a kick-ass job of keeping his name in the media – and all in a positive light, and has always come off as friendly and charming (especially to the LGBT community). This has obviously worked out for him because his music has been doing really well, and he is finding pretty solid footing, not only in the music industry, but in the public eye with his image. He has also, between the release of that first video and now, gotten time to understand where his key demographic lies and what vibe suits him more. I’m willing to bet that all this contributed to the decision to have a new music video released.

Below is the original video for comparison.

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