A Shred of Decency

Remember Honey Maid’s amazing response to the homophobes last year? Well, Irish company, Daintree Paper, is at a very close second with their awesome idea to turn all anti-gay literature that they can get their hands on into confetti to raise funds for same-sex marriages! The idea is that even out of something ugly, beauty can be made.

“Made from 100% recycled lies” just about killed me! I love everything about this commercial, and it’s a practice that we should all put into play in our own lives. I don’t mean that we should go around making confetti – although, I will admit that there’s something to the idea of doing that and then hurling it at homophobes! What I mean is that, there will always be ugliness, lies and hatred directed at us. Instead of responding in kind, the best thing that we can do is remain positive – even more positive, if possible – and produce goodness where there doesn’t seem to be any.

This is a lovely idea by Daintree Paper, and I sincerely hope that their plan is a successful one.

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