Love While You Live

Yesterday, Taylor Swift revealed that her mother had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I can’t even imagine what that must be like, and it isn’t something that I’d wish on anyone at all. Like the rest of the world, of course I wish their family, and every other who is dealing with similar circumstances, the very best. Since hearing this, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… perhaps more than I should.

If any blessing were to come out of a diagnosis like that – if you could call any result of this a blessing – it would be that, whether or not the cancer is malignant, whether or not it’s caught early, whether or not it is beaten, everyone involved usually has a greater appreciation for life, family and love. You tend to find those in situations such as this more aggressively showing love to each other.

But what about the rest of us? What about those of us who don’t have the imminent threat of our own mortality constantly hanging over our heads? Do we take love – and show love – as much as we should? I think it’s easy to take life for granted, almost always assuming that there will be time later to confess an act of love… even if “later” is thought to be only a few hours. A lot can happen in a few hours, though.

So, why wait? Why wait until an hour “later” to let a loved one know that you care? Why wait a week “later” to calm down enough to call up that friend and tell them that you forgive them? Why wait until your kids grow a little older “later on” to do all the amazing things with them that you’d want them to remember all their lives? Why wait? We aren’t ever guaranteed “later”. All we ever know for sure is that we have here and now… so don’t waste it. Let’s not wait for tragedy to awaken the realization that we need to show more caring. Let’s love while we live.

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