Beware the Dangers of This Photo

A Brazilian man named Nelson Felippe, uploaded this photo to his Facebook page, warning us all of the dangers of this photo. The post has gone viral and, after reading Nelson’s strong stance on the matter, I think you’ll understand why. Here’s the original post, translated to English:

I am not prejudiced, I think everyone does what they want in their life. But I find it absurd to witness a scene like this.

What you do yourself is your problem, but what you do in public concerns me, yes. And I refuse to see a scene like that and consider it normal.

I do not wish evil on anyone, but humanity should be preserved. Challenging social conventions, like this, can be dangerous. If there is an accident, or worse, if someone dies, who will be blamed? Me?

The worst part of all is the example it sets for the children.

What will go on in the head of a child who sees this scene every day? Kids will think that it is normal to wait for the subway standing top of the yellow strip.

So, do not behave like that guy over there. Follow the example of the girls.

Wait for the subway before the yellow strip, and only approach the track after the subway is stopped and the doors are open.

How awesome was that?! Naturally, pretty much everyone thought that he was going after the two females embracing and, several people who didn’t read all the way to the end even ripped into him. I think it’s awesome the way that Nelson was able to point out how stupid it is to think that same-sex affection could ever be dangerous, without actually saying it. I also think that it’s sad that we live in a world where we’ve been bombarded with these same inane arguments so many times that we all thought that the post was going to be homophobic until we got to the end.

Nelson’s post is amazing¬†because, not only does it seek to show that there are far more pressing concerns than two females holding each other, it helps us laugh at an awful and hateful mentality that isn’t always so easy to laugh at.

2 thoughts on “Beware the Dangers of This Photo”

    1. Precisely! It was just sheer genius! Like I said, I just think it’s so awful that we live in a world where we’ve gotten so used to this that all our minds automatically went to anti gay thoughts


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