Darren Criss Is Hedwig


Image result for darren criss hedwig

Darren Criss is a beautiful man! I mean, straight up boner-inducing beautiful! Remember that interview with Tyler Oakley, where he was sporting the scruff and throwing around the f-word? Hello!

Well, he is trading in that appearance for another, as he takes on the iconic role of Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, previously played by Neil Patrick Harris, Michael C Hall, and the play’s creator, John Cameron Mitchell. Huh, I think Darren Criss needs to come up with a middle name if he truly wants to fit in with this lot of predecessors.

Quite a few people are digging this look of Darren… I am not one of them. Strangely enough though, the look never bothered me on anyone else who played the character. I think I’m just finding it difficult to replace my Blaine image with this one. That said, I think that Darren is an amazing actor and his voice is a musical aphrodisiac, so I have no doubt that he will do this role justice.

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