Aydian Dowling May Be First Transgender Cover Model for Men’s Health

I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re big Men’s Health fans here, and this news just reminds me why! Pretty much everywhere that I’ve visited online in the past few hours has been celebrating the fact that trans activist, Aydian Dowling, is, so far, the front runner – by a landslide – in the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy Search. If he wins, he will make history as the first transgender individual to ever make the cover.

Men’s Health recently had Shaun T on their cover, and I commended them for refusing to focus on his sexual orientation for what was really supposed to be an article on his physique and fitness regimen. With Aydian, I’m even more thrilled because it also means that gender identity is no more a deterrent to them than sexual orientation.

Aydian has already made national headlines when he recreated Adam Levine’s nearly-naked photo above, and he is well paced to do the same again.

It was only yesterday morning that I was thinking that, with transgender rights and issues becoming more apparent, it’s unfair that we don’t see enough FTM trans individuals getting focus. Laverne Cox has done amazingly in portraying a positive image of the trans community; we also have Gigi Gorgeous, who has a fiercely loyal fanbase (myself included); Jeffrey Tambor has received rave reviews for his role in Transparent; and even Bruce Jenner is making headlines with his alleged transition (though the fuss for this one is arguably more sensationalism than actual support). Either way, MTF transitioning seems to be the focal point of trans identity in the eyes of the mainstream media, yet it is literally only half of the community. Aydian Dowling is a positively gorgeous man, and he has a great body, so that alone really should warrant his feature in the magazine. However, his appearance would do so much more than that, and it would be great representation to the trans community as a whole, with particular meaning to FTM transgender individuals.

This makes me super happy!

Aydian Dowling 3

Aydian Dowling

Aydian Dowling 2

Pics via Aydian Dowling Instagram

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