I’m Baaaack… Again!

Holy hell! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve last been here. I assure you all, it hasn’t been because of disinterest, or abject laziness. This has just been one of those instances of life throwing us unexpected curve balls, and my schedule has left little room for much leisure time with its new chaotic chaos! There’s a very strong likelihood that I may be moving to a new country very soon, and all the preparation has prevented me from tending to the blog – an unfortunate and heartbreaking side effect (at least for me). While the preparations are far from complete, things have settled down somewhat, and that means that I’m able to spread my seldom profound, often perverse, always unsolicited thoughts to all of you once again. By the way, let me just take a moment to point out that in all my preparations, I have come to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is not an ounce of logic at all in our society’s bureaucratic systems… oh, and banks are totally evil!

All of this came at the worst possible time in terms of the blogosphere, because I missed out on posting about several fascinating and important issues that occurred. For example, Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer was monumental, and there was so much that could have been said – and was said, really – about it! Also, we’re about halfway through Game of Thrones, and I’ve not been able to recap it! Some psycho Nebraska lady up and decided that it made total ethical and judicial sense to sue all gay people in the world. Joey Graceffa came out!! I was so super happy for and proud of him, but talk about Hell freezing over! There’s a rebooted Vacation movie coming out, which features the always delicious Chris Hemsworth sporting a hilarious but totally sexy fake bulge. I also really wanted to touch on this amazing moment during a baseball game when the Kiss Cam – likely jokingly – panned over to two men, who happened to actually be partners. The two shared a quick and really sweet kiss right there and, amazingly, the stadium erupted in cheers. It was such a great moment, and a thumbs up for progress.

Sadly, I missed all those events (and many more) but I’m back now, and more than looking forward to picking up right where I left off, and turning your brains to mush! Hurray!

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